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Zip it Up For the Holidays

By Valerie Milano 

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/7/21 – Picture this: you’ve just treated your family to the meal of the year. It’s either Thanksgiving, a Christmas dinner, or even a New Year’s Eve celebration. As you survey the wreckage of the event, you wonder how you’ll possibly salvage all the finely prepared holiday food.

And this is where something different comes in.

Tinfoil and plastic wrap just isn’t going to do it. They’re difficult to wrangle and often fall off or don’t conform to your dish. Zip Top reusable silicone food storage bags are, in a word, remarkable.

These eco-friendly containers pay for themselves quickly. They’re quick, easy, and sleek. The product slides closed more easily than a Ziplock bag, but it’s far more durable and comes in several appealing colors, including lavender, teal, peach, frost, and gray.

They’re versatile, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. They stand up like a jar but flex like a bag. They’re also safe for the freezer or microwave. So anything you grab can be transferred easily to the microwave and cooked right in the container.

Since they’re “endlessly reusable”, Zip Top claims one container can replace at least 5000 disposable bags. The Hollywood Reporter says Jessica Alba, “ever the earth-minded shopper,” is a fan.

There’s no fussing with lidded two-piece sets; it’s all together in one convenient Zip Top that can be sealed with no additional components. A full set contains 3 Cups, 3 Dishes & 2 Bags. If you have little ones, Zip Top’s baby and kid snack containers are especially convenient for on-the-go kids.

In short, we’re sold on these remarkably forward-thinking, space-reducing, and waste-eliminating containers — for the holidays, or any other time you think you’d like to store food or take it along. You can learn more about Zip Top at their official site.