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Zarya Azadi, Yezidi-Kurdish Entrepreneur writing history by Uniting Kurdistan within Fashion at the House of iKons Virtual Fashion Film – Fashion Week London 

(© 2020 Courtesy of Zarya Azadi)

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 4/5/2021–  The House of iKons Fashion Week during London Fashion Week, February 2021,  “Uniting the World of Creativity”, showcased high-end fashions from across the globe. The House of iKons Fashion Week London live shows have pulled in over 1,000 people per day in attendance, with private clients, buyers, department stores, and boutiques, also in attendance, high-net-worth guests. In February, their virtual fashion show was an international sensation with Kurdish Designers being among the creative designers.  Zarya Azadi represents the Kurdish Designers. Zarya, what made the House of iKons February Fashion Film ‘’Uniting the World of Creativity.

Courtesy of March Josh Rosales Designer Atelier by Koshkar

Savita Kaye, CEO House of iKons stated, ‘Pushing diversity in every way from ethnic backgrounds, size, shape, height, and age. We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for ALL regardless of color, ethnicity, size, shape, and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the HERE & NOW!! Everyone has that right and we will continue to push boundaries and stereotypes. We are still a small drop in this BIG OCEAN… But we will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to whoever you are, wherever you are, from around the world.  

In February 2021, a high-end fashion film was created by the iKons Team, “Uniting the World of Creativity – Fashion Never Stops. Fashion Cannot Be Stopped!’. Zarya Azadi, Girl Meets Brush, and The Fashion Life Tour were among the prestigious sponsors. The Fashion Film premiered on the House of iKons official YouTube channel in February 2021 and will also be aired on a number of social media platforms as well as  Amazon Prime, ROKU and AppleTV via their media partner ‘Rising Fashion”. The film focused on the unique construction of designers from around the world ranging from men’s and women’s wear to children and pre-teens. 


Representing the Kurdish Designers is Zarya Azadi. Zarya is a powerful force for women’s equality globally, working on a number of projects and charities. She was born in the Kurdish region of Turkey in Diyarbakir and belongs to the Yezidi religious community. During the civil war in Turkey Zarya’s family fled to Germany as refugees in 1990. Zarya is the first woman in her family and community that decided to leave her parents’ home and study abroad. This was very controversial at the time as the Yezidi community is very traditional. Zarya convinced her parents to pursue her journey and moved to Oxford in England and successfully completed her Bachelor’s Degree in 2013. During her studies, Zarya was working as a catwalk and fashion model in Europe. Today, she is helping Kurdish creatives and designers to a global platform, working with the CEO/Founder of House of iKons Fashion Week London.  

The fashion film ”Uniting the World of Creativity” by House of iKons can be watched here

Zarya Azadi represents the Kurdish Designers. Zarya, what made the House of iKons February Fashion Film ‘’Uniting the World of Creativity’’ memorable?


The House of iKons February Fashion Film ‘’Uniting the World of Creativity’’ was very memorable for me and my Kurdish community as 6 out of 18 of our international designers who participated in the Fashion Film were Kurdish designers. This has never been done before in our Kurdish community so we can already say that history has been made. The Fashion Film is also now available on Amazon Prime via the ‘Rising Fashion’ channel who is one of House of iKons media partners. The CEO of House of iKons Savita Kaye wanted to break barriers and did not want to follow others in doing a fashion show without guests. She wanted to create an experience through the fashion film. This was offered at no charge and was free for all designers to participate as this was House of iKons contribution to the fashion industry.

What did you learn from this experience of having a Fashion Film?


The experience I have made during the pre-production of this Fashion Film was definitely different from what I have experienced before in cooperating with House of iKons. I had to communicate everything over the phone and emails to get all the collections of my Kurdish designers to London on time. Considering all the COVID-19 guidelines that also apply to the package delivery services worldwide made everything more complicated. The CEO of House of iKons produced and directed the fashion film “Uniting the World of Creativity”. There were many other obstacles and restrictions during filming as well due to the global pandemic. Even though there were restrictions the end product came out really well and accolades being received from around the world.  The hard work of the entire team was definitely worth it.

Courtesy of Ram Eagle Designer a la Mode

6 Kurdish Designers were showcased in the House of iKons Fashion Film in Feb 2021 including, á la mode, Atelier by Khoshkar Horre,  Bahar Yasin Studios, Inci Hakbilen, G.Seven feat. Yildizstoffe and Yadê Couture. The Kurdish designer JoJo Braut & Abendmode couldn’t participate due to the heavy wedding garments and the new UK postage restrictions under COVID guidelines. Each of the designers tells a story of the beauty of their art and culture in the international fashion industry.


À la mode by Ala Hadji originally from Zaxo, is now based in Berlin, Germany, and found her talent in the diversity of modern, elegant, and fashion but also designs Kurdish traditional clothing. Her customers range from a normal audience to designers and VIPs. She’s designed clothing for one of the judges of Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum and also the international music singer Ilira.

Courtesy of Ram Eagle Designer Bahar Yasin Studios

Bahar Yasin Studios by Bahar Yasin is originally from Zaxo, now based in Stockholm, Sweden. The young designer entered her creative career early as it was her only outlet for processing inner emotions. She was working on her own studio which is now filled with creations of vintage, second hand and recycled fabrics. She uses recycled and second-hand pieces in her designs.    

Designer Inci Hakbilen, is originally from Haymana, now based in Hamburg, Germany. She owns her own atelier and boutique for many years in Hamburg. Her main focus used to be on bridal and evening wear but also expanded to traditional Kurdish clothing mixed with modern street style. She has organized her own fashion shows over the years working with diverse models and live performances by music artists.  

Courtesy of Ram Eagle Designer G.Seven feat Yildizstoffe

Atelier by Khoshkar Horre, originally from Afrin, now based in London, UK. Khoshkar Horre creates from his heart and soul – aspiring to empower women. He is encouraging women to show their femininity and to express their confidence and uniqueness. The strong, yet feminine design can be worn casually, professionally, or even on a red carpet.

Courtesy of Ram Eagle Designer Inci Hakbilen by Gülistan Taylan, originally from Batman, now based in Hannover. Gülistan uses light, transparent, silk tulle and full embroider fabric to create modern evening gowns, using a touch of Kurdish fabrics and colors. Her personal fashion style embodies elegance, romance, femininity, and self-confidence, which feels empowering to our female community. is collaborating with Yildizstoffe a Kurdish-Yezidi fabric supplier from Germany.   

Yadê Couture by Sadiye Demir, who is originally from Mardin, now based in Bern, Switzerland. She is very driven by her joy and passion for fashion, which is shown in her unique and customized pieces. Sadiye Demir uses feminine colors with masculine mixed cuts to embody individual elegance.

Courtesy of Ram Eagle Designer Yadê Couture

Zarya Azadi, What do you love the most about Kurdish designs?

Each and every Kurdish designer is unique, hence House of iKons is driving these creatives to a global platform. The Kurdish designers are all individual in their work and trying to incorporate their heritage and the beauty of women in their collection. I am already very impressed by the powerful and meaningful collections I have seen so far.

House of iKons

What is next for your designers?

Once, UK opens up from lockdown, the next live show will be House of iKons Fashion Week London September 2021 including the Kurdish solo segment ‘’The Hidden Beauty of Kurdistan’’. We cannot wait any longer to be back on the runway to give an unforgettable show experience with beautiful and new collections from around the world – ‘’Uniting the World of Creativity’’.

You can also find Zarya Azadi’s interview showcasing the beauty of Kurdish art and culture in the international fashion market with Rudaw TV, the broadcast and digital news network based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq which reaches millions of viewers on TV, social media, and their websites. Rudaw TV has also many studios around the world and is Zarya Azadi’s media sponsor for “The Hidden Beauty of Kurdistan” solo segment at the House of iKons Fashion Week London.

You can find out more about Zarya Azadi with her interview with international fashion designer Odair Pereira from DAIR Design on his show ‘MIND YOUR BUSINESS’ –

‘how to go from a dream to a successful business, which will be aired on FNL, a Fashion Lifestyle Network. Alongside Zarya are international fashion giants:

Rocco Leo Gaglioti – CEO and founder of FNL (Fashion Network Lifestyle), TV Director, writer, producer, host, and actor Ty Hunter – Stylist of Beyoncé for many years, creative director, designer, and guru Erik Rosete – CEO and founder of LA, NYC, and Miami Fashion Weeks

The Fashion Film “Uniting the World of Creativity” was sponsored by;

Girl Meets Brush,

The Fashion Life Tour

and Zarya Azadi.

International Designers featured:

  • Sigrun
    Joan’s Bridal Couture
  • Simi Sandhu
  • Be Unique Be You
  • Model’s Wardrobe
  • N8 by Nathan Vandevelde
  • Yade Couture
  • Korn Taylor
  • G.Seven Feat Yildizstoffe
  • Inci Hakbilen
  • Ethinicroyals
  • Post Code Fashion
  • Eye on Fashion
  • Atelier by Khosh
  • Bahar Yasin Studios
  • a la Mode
  • Love Collection by Emily & Anna
  • Jugger Onate for Jil & Jug Dallas