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YOUR HONOR Soon to Premiere on Showtime

by Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/16/20 – Emmy Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston of BREAKING BAD will soon star in a new ten-part Showtime limited series called YOUR HONOR that is set in New Orleans.  YOUR HONOR is scheduled to launch on the evening of Sunday, December 6th.

BREAKING BAD fans should thrill to this pithy father and son legal drama!  It features a good family that falls upon bad times when a hit and run accident kills one of the sons in the Big Easy’s most vicious crime family.


The compassionate judge whom Bryan Cranston portrays feels compelled to use his inside knowledge of the law to help his teenage son cover up his serious crime.  For said judge has ironically made quite a career of putting away the drug lord’s delinquent henchmen–and another one of his sons!

Both bad and good things seem to come in pairs.  YOUR HONOR is based upon the acclaimed 2017 Israeli web series KVODO, which was recently remade in India and launched earlier this year.  The timeless plot was possibly based upon the story of Job.


YOUR HONOR’S Biblical overtones make it a compelling if unconventional choice for holiday viewing. It is suitable for young adult viewing with parental supervision thanks to the many valuable lessons in situational ethics it has to offer for the whole family. What would YOU do to protect YOUR honor?