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Your Car Our Driver is Now Crowdfunding for Luxury Driving Services

By Valerie Milano

Palm Springs, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/4/18 –  On November 27th in Newport Beach, Your Car Our Driver officially launched its inaugural crowdfunding effort.  With the funds, it intends to boost its footprint and technology platform.  Your Car Our Driver is a rare professional, on-demand chauffeur network.  It’s now allowing clients and potential investors to immediately invest in the company’s securities.  Over at least 60 days, the company will accept investments, with a goal of raising up to $1,070,000.

Currently serving Orange County, the company is proud to bring safe and convenient personal drivers to the Southern California area, specifically outside of Los Angeles.  Their driving motto: everyone deserves to be treated like a VIP, regardless of where they live.  With Your Car, Our Driver, all potential clients need is a car, a credit card, and a willingness to coordinate schedules.  The company will use a state of the art reservation portal to make the logistics as simple and clear as possible.

When customers make contact and schedule a driver, they will send a chauffeur wherever they’ve been requested.  Drivers are subject to a rigorous screening process, starting with proving that they’ve driven for at least two years.  The result is the ability for clients to trust that they will have a safe, enjoyable experience with their driver.

Your Car, Our Driver has plans to expand well beyond Orange County.  Globally, in fact.  Founder Josef distinguished himself early on, handling driving jobs for celebrities, the Oscars, foreign dignitaries and leaders, and other high end clients.  In this way, he learned, from the very inside out, how to chauffeur at the very highest levels.

Now, Your Car Our Driver is poised to become a top company.  Now handling hundreds of clients with dozens of drivers, the company is serving a market that will, without a doubt, expand dramatically in the coming years.

The next steps, of course, involves a targeted advertising campaign and the creation of the on-demand app service.  The test market for this endeavor will be Newport Beach, after which the company will roll out further expansion.

To learn more about investment opportunities with Your Car Our Driver, visit www.startengine.com/yourcarourdriver

Learn more about the company at www.yourcarourdriver.com