Rachael Nelson, JP Durand, Cynthia Romo, Matt Cook and Elizabeth Carbe’

The actress’s philanthropic work passed on through generations from mother to daughter.
“If your heart is open, love will always find its way in.”
– Jane Seymour, Open Hearts Foundation

By Elizabeth Carbe’
Malibu, CA (The Hollywood Times) 4/30/18 – A special event for YOUNG HEARTS was hosted tonight April 19, 18 at ZADIG & VOLTAIRE in MALIBU, https://www.malibuvillage.com/zadig-voltaire,  to help promote the Open Hearts fundraising event on May 6th from 11:00 to 3:00 at Jane Seymour home in Malibu CA. You can purchase tickets for this event here: https://www.openheartsfoundation.org/young-hearts-ticketing
Great cause: The event honoured those who have overcome adversities in their life

Jane Seymour, founder of the nonprofit organization Open Hearts, along with her daughter and Young Hearts president, Katherian Flynn, will be hosting the event to help bring awareness and support for their philanthropic work and how people can get involved. The two-time Golden Globe award winning actress is best known for her roles in Live and Let Die, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Somewhere in Time and many more. What the public may not know about Ms. Seymour is her unwavering and longtime dedication to helping others and the philanthropic work she does through Open Hearts.
Jane Seymour, Elizabeth Carbe’ (THT Reporter), & JP Durand (Photo: THT)

Open Hearts Foundation was inspired by advise from Seymour’s mother, Mieke Frankenberg, who said “love has no boundaries and flows unconditionally”. That advice stemmed from her experience as a survivor of a Japanese concentration camp in World War II. This is the motto that Open Hearts and Miss Seymour live by. They have built a legacy dedicated to serving others while empowering them to turn their adversity into opportunity. Their mission statement is as follows: “The Open Hearts Foundation is a social impact accelerator that is committed to empowering emerging and growing nonprofit organizations, whose origins and mission are consistent with the precepts of the Open Hearts philosophy.  The Foundation, by providing expertise, resources and tools, enables these nonprofits to not only raise their profile but also further their mission and objectives.”
Jane Seymour and daughter Katherian Flynn

To help carry on that legacy, Katherian Flynn, along with her friends Ella Freyinger and Adee Zach, have founded Young Hearts: https://www.openheartsfoundation.org/young-hearts/
The Young Hearts purpose and mission is to create accessible opportunities and events to support current and future philanthropists.  Connect, Contribute, Community is their mission statement.  They encourage young people to contact them to see how they can get involved with helping others and their community.
Continuing the legacy of her mother, Jane Seymour, Katherian Flynn has founded Young Hearts, along with her dear friends and co-chairs Ella Freyinger and Adee Zach.

The inaugural luncheon will start with a wine reception followed by a farm to table lunch by chef Ella Freyinger.  An added bonus is that all the food is coming by way of farmer Jane’s garden. This woman does it all! There will also be a musical performance by Keith Harkin and Jennifer Paskow. Attendees can bid on items from Olive and June, WMN Space, Rachel Jackson Yoga, Surf Lessons and so much more! All proceeds will go to Alliance of Moms, a member-based organization that is part of the Alliance for Children’s Rights (http://www.allianceofmoms.org) and SheLift (http://www.shelifts.org), an organization that curates once-in-a-lifetime experiences to empower, unite and motivate women.
(L-R) Jim Wootten, Cynthia Romo, Brenda Wootten, Liza Carbe, Jean-Pierre Durand

This is an opportunity to meet the people who are making a difference in our world – those in attendance can become a part of this exciting network of talented and caring people.  For ticket information to this event please follow the link.
Special thanks to three-time Emmy-award-winning stylist Cynthia Romo for arranging the meeting for this article.