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Young Filmmaker Launches Career with Project on Amazon Video

Anatomy of a Breakup: Watch online now with Amazon Instant Video: Matt Hagerty, Seth Russell, Zack Rush, Ashley Khakshouri, Jaimie Steck, Matt Harshberger

By Marybeth Cale, Cale Communications​​

Kingston, NY (The Hollywood Times) 10/2/17 – 21 year old Matt Hagerty, graduate of John A. Coleman Catholic High School in Kingston, New York has always met with success in life. And today, the salutatorian and class president, class of 2014 and graduate of Cornell University (BS, Applied Economics and Management, 2017) is celebrating newfound success as a young talent who has broken into the film industry with Anatomy of a Breakup, which he directed, wrote and starred in; the young filmmaker last week launched it on Amazon Video.


Hagerty first got his career underway in 2013, when he created a nonprofit musical theater collective called NextQuest Productions, producing two shows at Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center in Poughkeepsie: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Fame. The NextQuest shows were also the result of a collaboration among several of Matt’s then-school-age peers, one of whom, Matt Harshberger, went on to become one of the producers of Anatomy of a Breakup with Hagerty. Says Harshberger, also a Coleman graduate (Class of 2013), “I was drawn to work on Anatomy of a Breakup from the first moment I agreed to give notes on a rough draft of the screenplay. I immediately recognized that the intelligent humor and the dialogue were right on par with, or even better than, anything I’d seen before. Working on it in post-production was at times a bit of a roller coaster ride, but patience has really paid off. I never doubted the quality of our raw material, and was continuously amazed by the work of the creative team that yielded the refined product we have today.”

Matt Hagerty

Hagerty added, “All I knew for sure was that it was unique—weird in a way that makes it exactly the kind of thing my friends and I would love to watch; so launching with Amazon is an awesome experiment to see how a broader global audience responds to our post-Millennial/Gen Z caffeinated perspective. The verdict so far has been overwhelmingly positive and that’s very exciting. I think it’s a result of successfully walking this tightrope between the thematic universality of having your heart broken, and the stylistic singularity of this film and all of its quirks.”


The native of Rhinebeck, NY (located about 90 miles north of Manhattan) continued, “to frame it in music industry terms: Anatomy of a Breakup is like a first EP from a new artist—like Chance the Rapper a few years back with “10 Day”. Maybe it’s a little rough, maybe it’s a little tumble, but it’s demonstrative, I think, of a singular style that I hope to platform off with bigger and better things going forward, for sure, but also seems to really be entertaining and resonating with people in its own right, which is what I’m most happy about right now. And, absolute, worst case, it’s an ‘MFA in film’ that I’ve earned for way less than the price of tuition!”

Hagerty said, “In no other era could I just independently put together a pirate ship of a crew in the middle of a star-studded Beverly Hills neighborhood right next to Jennifer Lawrence’s house; shoot a short film that’s also an indie TV pilot with full creative control; work on post-production with a global team of professionals and creatives and Emmy winners from LA to Europe to Japan while still a student at Cornell; and then, after all that chipping away, see it distributed through Amazon, one of the premiere streaming services and content providers in the entire world. Welcome to Hollywood 2.0!”


“Anatomy of a Breakup takes the audience on a one-of-a-kind whirlwind journey through the mind of a heartbroken college student. After being ceremoniously dumped by his sorority queen girlfriend, AJ Fitzpatrick is whipped into shape by two of his “high society” Psi Alpha fraternity brothers: The Drak, a hard-drinking scholar, and Cam Holland, a gregarious lounge lizard. With, and despite, his friends’ competing guidance, AJ must decide whether to close the book on his relationship entirely, or try to re-write the narrative before it’s too late. Blending razor-sharp dialogue, a dizzying nonlinear narrative, and an electrifying percussive score, the result is a blink-and-you-miss-it cinematic confection that’s as stylistically unique as it is thematically universal.”


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