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Yappa: Changing the Voice of Social Media 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 7/29/20– Yappa is changing the voice of social media, by allowing people, NOT users, to restore what was once normal in how we socialize. Recently, Shaq and Gronk hosted a live streamed digital event. What made this digital event extra special is that fans were able to have LIVE conversations with each other through Yappa, an audio and video commenting tool. During the event, Shaq and Gronk played a live streamed game of HORSE. Fans were able to leave yaps about which shot they wanted Shaq and Gronk to take–  and Shaq actually broke the rim! “Celebrities are loving Yappa, as it’s the first social media tool for websites to set the tone for real humanistic communication, interactions, and connections.” – Yappa CEO, Jennifer Dyer

Why did you start your company, Yappa?

I had a vision. I saw a gap in the market where the failing health of our social media activities and interactions were disconnecting us socially, emotionally, and empathetically! In every nuance, as we observe nations change and the world change, we all need to change and become more humanly connected like never before. 

Jennifer Dyer

How is Yappa becoming the “new responsible?”

So far, less than 1% of Yaps are flagged, or banned for bad behavior. Human nature dictates that we are more conscious of our choice of words when we use our voice to communicate, without the keyboard to hide behind! That’s why we are the new responsible. People, NOT users, are observing a little more caution in how they communicate. You can hide behind a text-based keyboard. It’s a little harder to hide behind your voice.

Why do celebrities love Yappa?

Celebs like Shaquille O’Neal, Snoop Dogg, DaBaby, Steve Aoki, Perez Hilton, Rob Gronkowski, Jason Lee, Ryan Seacrest, BigBoy, Diplo, and other social media influencers, have been Yapping with fans! They are able to jump into fan conversations and build stronger relationships in an intimate, safe, and innovative way. Celebrities are loving Yappa, as it’s the first social media tool for websites to set the tone for real humanistic communication, interactions, and connections. 

Tell us about the features that celebs and fans can enjoy.

Because Yappa is platform agnostic, celebs and fans enjoy being able to expand their reach and connect outside of the parameters of traditional social media platforms. For example, Snoop Dogg can leave a yap on TheHill.com, and distribute his brand reach to a whole new audience who do not necessarily come into contact with him on a political level. Yappa allows comments, interactions, opinions, debates, and conversations to be shared on all third-party platforms. Celebs are having fun building their followers on the internet with real people and interacting with real people. Instead of anonymous text, they are curating a real, human, emotional connection with their fans.

How is Yappa changing the voice of social media?

Yappa is changing the voice of social media, by allowing people, NOT users, to restore what was once normal in how we socialize. With Yappa, no longer is the focus on the sound of silence, packaged in the form of sending a text. Yappa invites the social world to return to “using our voice” as the primary way we communicate. Text-based social media interactions and comments are often littered with spam, trolls, offensive behavior, and are steadily becoming the thing of yesterday, as the world returns to having real conversations.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of the way that Yappa has changed the face of social media interactions and communications. I am most proud of the people that are being responsible, cautious, and observant of the way they are communicating on the Yappa platform. I am proud that since our launch in March 2019, Yappa has created a social neural network of conversations, often between complete strangers, spanning across tens of thousands of audible conversational threads. I am proud that people are listening, engaging, and committed to real human connections. 

Share your vision for Yappa.

The vision for Yappa is to see the tool integrated into a wide range of industries and multimedia verticals, creating a plethora of real conversations. Yappa is super unique. It is ONE tool that can transform the way people communicate with each other in many industries; Yappa for Bloggers, Web publishers, Radio, Podcasts, TV Broadcasts, Product Reviews, Customer Service Platforms, virtual digital events, and on-site live events.

The vision is to enable you and your audience to connect and engage with your brand and your content in ways that text-based comments cannot deliver. A conversational multimedia tool innovating the way we interact online, by creating micro social media environments or even hangouts, directly on a publisher’s website. 

Yappa’s vision is to offer a platform that allows a healthy discourse flow of conversations, free of anonymity, toxicity, and bullying. In a world in which technology is positioned to divide us, Yappa is using open and meaningful communication as a method of bringing people together under its elevated and humanistic commenting platform.

Yappa: Changing The Way We Communicate- One Conversation at A Time!