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World Animal Hero Kids Month- A Global Outpouring of Positive Action by Compassionate and Engaged Youth

By Jules Lavallee


Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 11/02/2020 –  World Animal Hero Kids Month culminated in a global outpouring of positive action by compassionate, engaged youth. Won’t you join us? www.animalherokids.org

The outpouring of love and compassion for animals shown globally for #animalherokidtober was massive. Actions from giving 75 plant-based meals to Kids in Distress (KID) residents who prepared by the outgoing celebrity Chef Jonny Nobones-thanks to a collaboration between Animal Hero Kids and Tofurky- to give those in need 100 vegan meals at 1736 Family Crisis center with the partnership of Support and Feed and the Jackfruit Cafe in Los Angeles.

A myriad of actions took place during #AnimalHeroKidtober. Kids read to shelter and sanctuary animals rescue stories from the Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless book, an Animal Hero Kids’ uplifting video message was filmed with Franny, the rescued therapy pig in Virginia. A youth climate activist asked her local restaurants to feature plant-based meals as Animal Hero Kids month specials. Animal Hero Kids, the kindness education youth empowering charity is growing in numbers and invites you to join them this holiday.

You can take some of these initiatives from #animalherokidtober to your local community this holiday.

Description: Chef Jonny NoBones, Susan Hargreaves, Mikaela Barnes, ZsaZsa, and Lovey during Veganza Animal Hero book reading at the Vegan Village River House in Fort Lauderdale. (the book is now available here https://animalherokids.org/kind-shopping/)

#AnimalHeroKidtober Goes Global

—Kids read to shelter and sanctuary animals and advocate for their kind treatment by offering vegan food samples and creating more enrichment activities.—A Veganza Animal Hero claymation video short is created by a young NY graduate filmmaker, he was empowered when the Animal Hero Kids founder presented a kindness education school program when he was a preschooler.

— Youth spoke out on climate change via video messages

—  Kids around the world supported Joaquin Phoenix’s plea to change the world from your kitchen by asking their friends and family to try vegan


— In rural Alaska, 12-year-old Lilly made catnip toys for shelter cats

— In Brazil, 11- year-old climate activist Brunna asked local restaurants to feature plant-based meals as Animal Hero Kids month specials

— In Arizona, Kimaya, 7, distributed care packages for the homeless in Arizona

— In Connecticut, 7-year-old Isabella and 9-year-old Savannah read to rescued farm animals at JP Farm Sanctuary

— In Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, and Gainesville plant-based giveaways occured for populations in need during #animalherokidtober

— In North Carolina, siblings, Reid and Scarlett, 7 and 13 respectively, performed a parody of a Spice Girls song to inspire kinder choices.

— In Fort Lauderdale, Ella, 7, read a story from the Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless book about a rescued pony to the rescued pony

— Animal Hero Kids founder, Susan Hargreaves, surprised a Fort Lauderdale vegan restaurant owner with a “Kind2All Evolve” award for evolving into an earth-friendly, kinder choices, plant-based business

— Zsa Zsa, 7, danced ballet with her rescued chickens and also dressed up as Veganza

— Josie, 13, created an uplifting video message with Franny, the rescued pig who has been registered as a therapy pig in Virginia


 —across the world submissions came in for the Veganza Animal Hero Song Challenge, the contest deadline is extended to Nov 17, 2020.

– A group of socially distanced, low-income youth recorded songs visited Tamerlaine sanctuary with Hip Hop is Green meet rescued farm animals for the first time.  

—In Orlando and West Palm Beach Animal Hero Kids donned hazmat suits and goggles to inform about the link between pandemics and animal-based agriculture

—In Japan, an Animal Hero Kid interviewed a vegan chef

—In Kenya, an Animal Hero Kid stood with Greta on a Friday for the Future via a video statement

—in Gainesville, Khendall, a 10-year-old basketball player gave out free beyond sausage sandwiches at Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in Gainesville.

—In Connecticut, a new “Be an Animal Hero” virtual school program was conducted during #AnimalHeroKidtober led by Susan Hargreaves as students used the Animal Hero Kids book as a guide.

—-In Fort Lauderdale a reading of the Veganza Animal Hero book took place with a giant outdoor screen showing the books’ striking art by Monique Martinez.

 #AnimalHeroKidtober links and partners–https://animalherokids.org/animal-hero-kids-month/