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“Wild Son”: The Testimony of Christian Brando – A World Premiere at Santa Monica Playhouse – ONLY Three Performances Left!!

Christian Brando

By. E.M. Fredric

SANTA MONICA, CA (The Hollywood Times) 05/10/19 – There are only three performances left – of writer/director Champ Clark’s guest production at the Santa Monica Playhouse – that gives an inside look into the tragic life of a celebrity’s son. Marlon Brando brought us so much – but as a father to his children – according to interviews Clark conducted, he failed.


Set under the white-hot glare of Hollywood and Celebrity, Wild Son”: The Testimony of Christian Brando tells the story of Marlon Brando’s troubled, headline-making son…. In his own words. Written by Champ Clark and featuring John Mese as Christian Brando, this 59-minute one-act is based on personal interviews conducted by Clark. The story is populated by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Anjelica Huston, Robert Blake and others.” It is the story of the father and the son.

Beth Henley, a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright says, “Champ Clark’s play is a burning jewel. John Mese is mesmerizing. A rare theatre experience where the magic shimmers.”


Writer/director, Champ Clark says, “Damaged, volatile, darkly handsome, dangerous, dead at 49… and one of the sweetest lost souls I’d ever met. This was the Christian Brando I knew and the one that we bring back to life on stage in Wild Son”: The Testimony of Christian Brando. They are his words, and it is his Hollywood story, about the kidnapping, the murder, and the explosive relationship with his iconic father.”

This play will be reviewed before the end of the run – so make your own choice based on the strong recommendations given by the above artists.

Run dates and times: 5:30pm on May 12, 19, and 26th.

Located at Santa Monica Playhouse (main stage) is 1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 Tickets are $20 at Information: 800-838-3006.