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While it’s always nice to give mom some lovely flowers on Mother’s Day, these days, the best gift you could give a working mother is one that will help lower stress and increase her levels of satisfaction.

The Hollywood Times sat down with Jeanniey Walden, the award-winning, entrepreneurial Chief Marketing Officer at DailyPay, to talk about some savvy financial secrets.

“We all know that your mom will do whatever she needs to, to make your dreams come true,” Walden asserted. “For example, my mom remortgaged her house to pay for my wedding. I’ve gone months without buying a thing for myself so my daughter could go to the best high school!”

But Walden acknowledged that moms don’t need to behave in this way.

“Every mom can provide for their children while also doing something great for themselves just by making a few tweaks to the way they access and use their hard earned pay,” she enthused.

Walden offered The Hollywood Times readers some interesting financial secrets, giving invaluable advice while addressing hot button topics like interest rate reduction.

“Did you know that if you pay your home or auto payments 2 times a month instead of once, you can cut 5 years off of your loan!? It’s true! Since your interest is calculated on your daily balance, paying it twice a month means hundreds of dollars in savings every month!”

Walden quipped that she knew what people thought after that savvy advice.

“I know what you are thinking: ‘Sounds great, but I only get paid twice a month and my bills are set. How do I get the funds to do this?’”

This is how her company, DailyPay, can offer help, said Walden.

“With DailyPay, or other on-demand pay providers, you can access your money as you earn it, letting you figure out the most effective way to spend your money. It’s simple and it works,” Walden said.

“At DailyPay, we believe that when it comes to one’s pay – money should always be in the right place at the right time when you need it. After all – it’s your money!” Walden said.

“Imagine if your mom could access her money as ‘bills become due’ to meet her financial obligations and manage unexpected expenses, without having to add the additional stress of overdraft fees, late charges or payday loan fees and interest. The transparency of her having access to her money would also her to make more informed decisions when it comes to earnings and spending for the family,” Walden noted.

Another fantastic tip Walden offered was to save money before you get paid.

“Just like the old days where people saved quarters for a Christmas Club, show your mom how to put $20 or $50 a week into her saving vault before her paycheck shows up –watch her savings account grow!”

But Walden said, the trick was to NOT let mom take it out and splurge on the mom-daughter mani-pedi day!

“Saving money during times of uncertainty is the biggest challenge,” Walden emphasized. “In fact, 38% of people say that keeping cash stored at home is their primary means of savings. However, 62% say they would be able to save more if there was an easier way to set aside a portion of their paycheck.”

One of the most fascinating pieces of advice Walden offered was to not take money out from a payday lender.

“There are better options. While taking money out of mom’s  401(k) may seem like an easy option during a time of financial need, the repercussions of that decision could be devastating to your financial future. What may seem like a ‘quick fix’ in the moment can cause ripple effects of damage for years to come.”

Walden was adamant about poverty conversations not repeated to each generation.

“Life is stressful enough, and sadly, it’s short too,” she said. “Don’t let issues with money weigh you or your mom down. Take advantage of new technologies such as on demand pay to help with your financial stability and enjoy the time you have together.”

She continued: “After all, on special days like this, your mom deserves more than the cereal you made for her in bed when you were younger. She deserves some financial freedom secrets and a few extra hugs!”

About Jeanniey Walden

Jeanniey Walden

From an elementary school teacher in the early 90s to a Digital Marketing pioneer in the early 2000s to Global Marketing and Growth leader for Fortune 1000 companies, Jeanniey Mullen is currently CMO of DailyPay, the innovative financial solutions company and the recognized- leader in the on-demand pay industry.

Her first business role was at JCPenny where she quickly advanced from managing call centers to leading the Corporate Customer Relations team where she transformed the company’s email marketing management process.

She credits her early success to her experience as a teacher by focusing on listening and empowering her teams to leverage creative problem solving and collaboration to drive results.

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