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Who is Andre Bellos?

By Valerie Milano

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/20/23 – He may or may not have been a recent question at your dinner table lately. He happens to be someone who just hit the big time in tinsel town and already making a unique impression. Slated to be on the new season of Power Book IV: Force on Starz, this young talent comes absolutely out of nowhere, it seems, and with no backstory.

His entertainment footprint can be traced back to his childhood. As an adult, he has done some television and dabbled in film, and now has crossed over into activism territory, as of recently.

He’s not a part of any family dynasty, not related to a producer or director pushing him to the front of the line, and seemingly well-behaved according to TMZ standards. Making a breakthrough in Hollywood is almost impossible, and with so many young stars out there, it’s hard to keep up. Before the internet, you needed the help of the studios to get your name out there. Now anyone can get fifteen minutes of fame with the help of the world wide web, but turning internet fame into actual fame is tricky. Very few can manage it well.

What has he managed to figure out that others haven’t. He hasn’t starred in any films, and yet has fans all over the world. He does not come from a media background, and yet somehow has become relevant in today’s modern age of celebrity. He has crafted his own lane and has become unstoppable, when corporate giants need to push a product, they contact Bellos. When a not-for-profit needs help crossing the finish line, he’s there. The question is, how did he get so powerful and connected with few being able to come close to level as a social media and PR juggernaut.

People from all over the world have fallen head over heels with his simple charm, and if the numbers are any indication, Andre Bellos definitely has everyone’s attention online, too! This all means one thing; Bellos has unlocked the secret to social media marketing that so many brands are struggling to discover.

He’s not out here showing off his riches, rather giving it away to charity. One could say this is a well-crafted persona he’s been working on for years. Being trained to say the right thing at the right time. As you dive deeper into his background you find out that this is no nice guy act. He actually cares about mankind, the planet, and animals. As the list goes on of popular trends he was doing long before the fame, he has no desire of slowing down anytime soon.

He’s been in the business since 2010, but just coming into prominence now, must be a real reward considering he came from absolutely nothing. From a small town in Illinois to the bright lights of Hollywood. I couldn’t make this up if I tried, it reads just like a rags to riches story. He’s poised and graceful on the red carpet, a total natural. As if he’s been doing it for years. Totally approachable and down to earth and not scared to pose for pictures with legends like Stevie Wonder. He is a complete enigma, capable of being the guy next door and the superstar on your t.v. screen, at the exact same time.

How exactly did all this come to be? One can only wonder and guess. He’s aligned himself with V.I.P’s, started his own charity, and still makes time to interact with most who cross his path. You’ll notice that he engages with his fans differently, depending on which social media platform he’s on. Facebook has become his go-to promotions page. There he posts updates about his projects and shares original content including, articles, blogs, and posts.

This star on the rise still manages to find time to retweet his followers, comment on their Instagram photos, and even repost their content. Andre Bellos goes the extra mile to show them that he really cares.

Exactly what is it though, that makes him tick. What motivates and drives him to help others. He comes from a blended family of mixed heritage and immigrant parents. Middle class folks living in the suburbs of the Midwest with no connection to the entertainment business.

Was it his talent or his unrelenting will to never quit. After a decade plus in the industry with no real breakthrough, most would have given up. Let’s be honest, most give up after year two! Maybe it was his patience that got him this far. Continuing to perfect and practice his craft till his eventual day in the spotlight arrived. Seems like that day has finally come to pass, its his time to shine. Only time will tell if this bright light shines bigger and brighter than ever, or dies out like so many other Hollywood stars have. Something tells me this won’t be the last we are hearing of him. For more info visit: www.andrebellos.com