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Where Do I Buy Marijuana Seeds In The USA?

Finding and purchasing marijuana seeds is challenging because all the states have different laws for medicinal and recreational use of marijuana in the United States of America. If medicinal or recreational use of marijuana is legal in your state, you can get your hands on the best quality marijuana seeds from any nearby weed dispensary. Seed Banks are other reliable sources to purchase marijuana seeds apart. However, countries like Spain, the Netherlands, etc., have the most sought after seed banks because of the lenient marijuana laws. 


The good news is that most of these overseas seed banks offer worldwide shipping. Here are the three sources from where you can purchase premium quality edible canada

The Cali Connection

Here’s a California based seed bank that offers a plethora of strains for cannabis seeds. Cali Connection provides all types of seeds, regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds from Northern and Southern California, hence the name, ‘Cali Connection.’ Some of the notable strains available at Cali Connection include Original Sour Diesel, Purple Diesel, Black Kush, Alien OG, etc. The seed bank specializes in marijuana seed varieties with high medicinal qualities. Cali connection deals only with reputable breeders in the market, so you can rest assured about the quality. The seed bank maintains a highly secured online website that is easy to navigate across all categories of seeds. They accept various payment modes such as direct bank transfer, check payment, cash on delivery, and bitcoins. 


Pacific Seed Bank


Here’s another seed bank that offers a wide variety of marijuana seeds for a slightly higher price than its competitors. The best part about the seed bank is their easy to use online website that enables you to filter through several categories according to your needs, such as THC levels, type of marijuana, plant height, etc. You can also find high CBD marijuana seeds here that help in alleviating various physical and psychological problems. You get the option of worldwide shipping with Pacific seed bank, and they accept three primary modes of payment, cryptocurrency, Zelle for the USA customers, and payments through the mail. 

MSNL seeds


Established in the year 1999, MSNL seeds sell more than two hundred strains of cannabis seeds. The seed bank is very picky about the strains, and you will only find their ones at MSNL seeds. However, the positive customer feedback speaks for its quality, regardless of the small selection of cannabis strains available. You can rest assured about the payment and delivery of your orders as they offer worldwide shipping and accept International Money Orders, Wire transfers, and all major Credit/ Debit cards as well. You can expect discreet delivery of your seeds to the US in about six to twelve days. MSNL seeds also offer at least five to ten free seeds with every order to its customers. You can get free shipping for orders over seventy dollars ($70).

Final Thoughts


It is better to research thoroughly about the breeders and strains before purchasing marijuana seeds if you are a newbie. That gives you an idea about what strain interests you and the shortcomings of the strains as well