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Wellbeing Company Launches New Music Channel

Amrita Sen

By Gordon Durich

RoundGlass Living App Launches Music for Wellbeing Channel

Music for Wellbeing Taps 3X Grammy-Winning Mega Producer Jerry Wonda, Renowned Songwriter & Musician of World Music and Designer Amrita Sen, and BAFTA-Award Winning Video Game Composers of Skyrim, Harry Potter, and Star Wars video games

BELLEVUE, WA (Wednesday, May 11, 2022) – RoundGlass, a global Wholistic Wellbeing company dedicated to empowering people on their personal wellness journey, brings together the science of sound and the healing power of music with the official launch of its Music for Wellbeing channel on the RoundGlass Living app.

Music for Wellbeing was created to enhance the app’s immersive meditation experience, inspiring and helping users on their personal journey to Wholistic Wellbeing with a diverse and serene palette of music and soundscapes. Music is integral to many of the pillars of Wholistic Wellness including mental, physical, social, spiritual, and community. It has the capability to be the soundtrack to everything from yoga and fitness to meditation,  rituals or ceremonies. Scientific journals* even speak to specific sounds having the ability to target disruptions in the body such as inflammation, stress and anxiety. Music’s vibrational form supports our lifeforce. We are Wholistic Wellbeing.

Amrita Sen – Art Wynwood

For the new channel, RoundGlass tapped mega-producer Jerry Wonda,  singer-songwriter and designer Amrita Sen, and BAFTA Award-winning videogame and soundtrack musicians to compose longform meditation creations. These original compositions take listeners on a transformative sonic journey. Each composer brings their distinctive genres with influences from all over the world. Amrita serves as the lead of the channel in collaboration with RoundGlass’ Global Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing Prakriti Poddar.

What is Music for Wellbeing?
This channel features a series of original compositions, licensed music, and sound content accessible at various levels depending on the listeners’ needs and habits. The levels include:

RoundGlass Living offers a free membership level which contains a combination of original and licensed songs.

RoundGlass Living+, the paid membership level, offers premium content for listeners seeking a deeper experience that guides them on a journey through musical stories and scientific-based compositions.

AS Art Wynwood

RoundGlass on YouTube provides listeners with an audio and visual experience through moving art by designer Amrita Sen.

*Numerous studies have shown that listening to music can improve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. (Healthline)

For more information and membership pricing, visit RoundGlass at Living.Round.Glass or follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Subscribe on YouTube. Download the app in AppStore or GooglePlay.

About RoundGlass

We’re pretty ambitious here at RoundGlass. We want to make everyone on Earth healthier & happier. That starts with prevention. Traditionally, our health care systems don’t spend a whole lot of time focused on prevention, but our founder, Sunny Singh, wants to change that. Sunny created RoundGlass as a tool for promoting wellbeing around the world – and in your daily life. Sunny sees RoundGlass as nothing less than a revolution – the remedy for a system that has been ailing for a long time.

Sunny grew up in India and found success in America. You might think RoundGlass as his gift to you – and the world. Sunny doesn’t just talk about Wholistic Wellbeing. He walks the walk. He brings the practice into every moment of each day, from meditations to meals, and he wants you to join him on that lifelong journey.