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Weekly Love Horoscope

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

By Bethany Nicole

Last week we got a bump of energy just in time to prepare to drop us off the face of the Earth. At the end of last week, we hit a new moon, an eclipse, and entered Mercury Rx. That means last week’s best-laid plans could look very different this week.


Remember all those springtime fuzzy feelings you developed last week? Try to hold on to them this week as we enter a very confusing and chaotic phase. As you may recall, last week I cautioned against the Gemini duality, often called the “Gemini flip” where we feel infatuation and excitement over someone one minute, then the next minute couldn’t care less about them. Awkward.

Well, saddle up, because Mercury Rx is a time when miscommunications abound, lots of decisions that looked so good last week could feel heavy and awful this week. We may want to change our minds in a big way about someone or something. But here’s the trick to surviving this retrograde post-eclipse time…


Sit still, take cover, and examine. How we feel can often seem very real, but more often than not it is temporary, passing, and illusionary.

Think about your decision-making skills when you’re hungry, tired, cranky, or confused. Not a pretty picture, is it? Not that some of the things you might be feeling during that time aren’t valid, but they aren’t necessarily things you want to act on in the moment.  It’s a time when your decision-making skills are inhibited, your tact is at an all-time low, and your perspective is almost nonexistent. That is the gist of this week, everything feels amplified, but your coping skills feel fuzzy. So, it’s ok to feel the feels of the experience but try to keep the impulses under control and the urge to act at a minimum. The way you feel this week could look totally different over the next few weeks.

Think again about your relationships when you are in that depleted state, you may feel like lashing out or getting people out of your personal space asap. But is that truly how you feel? During that time every little thing feels heightened, but when in a different state of mind, it might feel much more manageable. Again, it is not necessarily something to be ignored, if it is being put in the spotlight or amplified in intensity this week, it is meant for you to deal with and address, but maybe not right this second. It is however a great time to observe and take notes.

Weekly To-Do List

Ask yourself…

  • What is popping up for you personally this week?
  • What seems to be popping up for your partner?
  • What is coming up in the relationship? Are old patterns, fights, or situations resurfacing?
  • What patterns do you see in your life or relationships?
  • What feels especially amplified this week?

Pro Tip:

While you may actually come across some clarity this week, it is not a good time to express that. Mercury Rx is a tough time for communications and Gemini in Venus amplifies matters of the heart and the ability to flip back and forth. Meaning you could find yourself going back and forth a lot this week. That’s ok. It’s meant for exploration. The benefit of the “Gemini flip” and the sign of the twins, is that it provides a lot of perspectives. You are able to see things from both sides of the coin and multiple viewpoints. That is a good thing when navigating life and love. However, if you express every thought that pops into your head or every time your opinion changes, you can get caught in what is termed the “Gemini spins” it’s just an overload of information for you and your partner. It is like huffing, puffing, and blowing them away. It’s a lot of thoughts, words, and energy coming at them, and is more confusing than clarifying. However, do you know who is great at absorbing that kind of free-range thought process and energetic? Your journal. A notebook. A safe space where you can express every single thought, feeling, and idea. Then when you are feeling calmer you can go back through and sort through all the thoughts. You might be surprised at how many no longer apply to you.


Here is a sneak peek at what each individual sign might be experiencing in their love lives this week.


Aries: Venus in Gemini is actually quite comfortable for fast-paced Aries. Gemini is one of the few signs Aries can pair with romantically, as they have similar high-speed natures, so this week, (aside from the Mercury Rx holdups) might feel very energetically charged and exciting for you. Proceed with caution, however, as a Gemini/Aries pairing can be a bit like three cups of coffee: high octane, high anxiety-inducing, and high impulsivity possibilities.

Taurus: It’s your time in the sun—literally! We just transitioned into Taurus season so you may get an extra hit of happy. Taurus loves to luxuriate but with Venus, in Gemini, it might feel like a bit of a kick in the pants to get moving on your love life.


Gemini: It’s your time to shine! Venus, the planet of love, is working with you very closely. As you are ruled by Mercury, the sign of communication, which is a key component in any healthy, happy relationship, that is probably the focus of this time for you. How do you communicate, what do you communicate and how can that improve?

Cancer: Slow and steady wins the race, but with Venus in Gemini, things are anything but slow and steady right now. Cancer’s like to take their time and feel their feelings, Gemini likes to blow right through them. It could feel like an uncomfortable time in your love life, where things are moving faster and in a more chaotic fashion than you would like. However, the key to Gemini is communication. Communicate what you need in the relationship, even if that is at a slower pace.

Leo: Where Gemini’s like to huff and puff, Leo’s are prone to roar your house down. It could be a battle of the beasts this week in your relationship. While sometimes Gemini adds an element of excitement to Leo’s passionate and romantic nature, sometimes a gust of wind can cause a fire to burn out of control. So, it’s important to try to balance these two energetics responsibly this week. Take your partner’s opinion into consideration and keep the outbursts to a minimum.

Virgo: Virgo and Gemini share a ruling planet of Mercury, the planet of communication. Virgo precision gives accuracy to Gemini energy. So, when communicating this week, you might actually feel very passionate yet precise about what you are speaking about, which in a relationship is the key to success.

Libra: You might have a hard time balancing the relationship scales this week. Gemini energy is not the most stable force of the zodiac and Libra’s might have a hard time keeping up with this chaotic energy. However, with the zest for partnership Libra’s possess, you may find the ability to harness the Gemini communication to create deeper levels of connection in your partnership.

Scorpio:  Not the most comfortable pairing for you this week. Deep dark and twisty meet light, fluffy and airy. Scorpio likes to do things its own way and Gemini likes to blow its own path. So, your love life may be less than comfy and cozy this week, however, an emphasis on seeing things from both sides as the Gemini twins are so adept at could help Scorpio with its biggest problem: resentments and retaliation. Seeing things from others’ viewpoints can help you find empathy and ditch the bad blood, possibly even finding your way to forgiveness of a partner’s past transgressions.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius’ fast-paced nature allows it to keep up with Gemini fairly well. Although Sagittarius loves the creative force of Gemini, it is not always as willing to cover the tough topics or have the intense conversations. As the air sign of the fire signs, it would rather blow to a more convenient and less conflict-ridden location.  Gemini in Venus however is encouraging tough conversations and topics, so Sagittarius might be feeling a little awkward in their love lives this week.

Capricorn: Ruled by the no-nonsense energy of Saturn, Capricorn does not always have a lot of time for Gemini’s light and airy ways. Yet that is often exactly what Capricorn needs in its relationships to help them thrive, fun, creativity, lightness, and communication. An infusion of that this week could feel out of the Capricorn’s comfort zone yet be exactly what their relationships need. 

Aquarius: Air sign to air sign these two speak the same language. However, Aquarius tends to be far more logical whereas Gemini can tend more toward the emotional realm. It can be an easy pairing or a tough crowd, depending on the other dynamics at play. However, the light and creative energy Gemini possesses can help Aquarius view their relationships from a different perspective and possibly lighten it up a little bit. 

Pisces: ‘Heads in the clouds’ is one attribute Pisces and Gemini share. Unfortunately, someone has to hold down the fort here on Earth. This week could feel very ungrounded in your relationships, almost dizzyingly so. It will be so important to ground this week, especially with all the other astrological mayhem going on.

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