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Weekly Love Horoscope

Speak Your Truth 

It might have felt like we’ve been a little bound and gagged this week (and not in a fun way.) Between all the Mercury RX advice of no contracts, no confrontations, no big discussions, etc. it can feel like we’ve been holding an awfully lot in for an awfully long time. It’s understandable. 

Yet now we are receiving the keys to our freedom and the gate code that unlocks our mouths. We are entering the new moon and season of Gemini, and Gemini will not be silenced. In fact, you usually can’t get Gemini to be quiet, even if you paid it. Gemini is a loquacious little thing, and it loves nothing more than expressing everything that crosses its mind. 

Venus, the planet of love, is also still residing in Cancer. Cancer is deep, emotional, watery, and focused on partnership and home life. It is a great time to blend these two energies to speak your truth about your love life. All those notes you took in your journal, all those feelings you felt, all those revelations you picked up on, now is the time to open them up for conversation. 

We are sliding out of the Mercury RX shadow period, which is the two-week post-retrograde span where communication can still go a little haywire. We are also out of the shadow of the previous full moon and even Pluto’s retrograde has shaken out a little. So, now’s as good a time as any to go full speed ahead on our conversations and plans of improvement. Check out how in your Weekly To Do List. 

Weekly To-Do List: 

  • Review your notes from Mercury RX. 


  • Open the conversation to some of the things you wrote down or noticed. 


  • Create a useful, solution-based dialogue about what you discovered. 


  • If you feel your thoughts or notes are too jumbled, try writing out bullet points for the conversation first, maybe even a pros/cons list. Whatever works for you. 


  • What are three solutions you see to the problems presented?


  • What are three solutions they see to the problems presented?


  • What are three concrete steps the two of you can make/compromise on/discover to improve the relationship?


  • What is the first step to enacting those ideas or plans and how can you put that into action this week?

               (If you are single, just do this exercise with “love life” instead of “relationship.”)

 It’s also a great formula for conversations with your friends, coworkers, boss, or whatever is presenting in your post-Mercury RX life. 

Pro Tip: 

Here comes the cautionary tale. Remember, when it comes to Cancer it can be very emotional and can tend to hold on to stuck emotions for weeks, months, or even years. No joke, I have come across Cancers that will repeatedly bring up two-week-long relationships with old partners from five years prior. That type of thing. So, we don’t want to be careful to not go dredging up emotional artifacts of the past we want to keep everything nice and fresh and future-oriented. We want to talk about things that affect us in the present. Now if you notice a pattern that pertains to this relationship and you are citing specific past examples, that’s one thing. To bring up an abstract emotion that kind of sort of relates to a thing your boyfriend of six years ago said—let’s just go ahead and leave that example out. Try to keep your conversations productive and solution based as opposed to vent-y and emotion-filled. 

Also be prepared that after holding everything in for so long, you might be a bit like a water hose trying to shoot out of a sink faucet. Meaning a lot might come out unsolicited or what is solicited might have a ton of emotion or energy behind it. Gemini can also contribute to that. They are very stream-of-consciousness talkers, meaning what the breeze blows through their mind, they are apt to share. Which is not exactly helpful when we are trying to be concise. In fact, it can be very confusing. But as with all energy, it just needs to be channeled in the right direction. 

Enthusiasm would be a wonderful outlet for the energy. Instead of allowing your thoughts to come out as intense or sporadic try to channel them through the enthusiasm portal, the place where you are excited about making positive changes to your relationship or love life. Thankfully Mercury, the planet of communication is in grounded Taurus this week. So, you can also use that energy to wrangle your conversations out of chaos into centeredness.

Also, take note of the bulleted advice up top. If you feel like your thoughts or emotions are scattered all over the place, take some time to map them out. Make a list, a chart, a pro/con’s list, an Excel spreadsheet, seriously, whatever works for you, no judgment here. That way you can go into the conversation with an outline, set goals and objectives, and hopefully a happy outcome. 

These can be some intense energies to wrangle, especially depending on where they fall in your chart, but I have a feeling you are up to the challenge! 

Happy Star Surfing! 


Here is a sneak peek at what is going on with each sign this week. 

Tip: A great way to get lots of information for your week, is to look at your “top 3” signs, which are your sun, moon, and rising signs. That gives you the most information about what might be going on for your astrologically this week. So don’t just stop at your sun, dive into your moon and rising too! 

Aries: Aries, Aries, wherefore art thou Aries? No one knows because you are moving faster than a speeding bullet! This week is full steam ahead for your love life. Although be careful not to run over slower-moving Cancer housing Venus on your way out. Cancer emotions may feel like a big wet blanket to you, but they are there for a reason. They can act as guideposts on your big romantic adventure so be sure to take time to smell the Cancerian roses this week, it will help you along your path. 

Taurus: See ya later Taurus, it’s been real, it’s been fun, and it’s been real fun. Your season is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your winning streak has to. With Mercury nestling into your sign, that means you have the ball of communication in your court. While you may not always be the one to make the first move, now is your chance. You have the entire planet of Mercury urging you on. So, walk up to that cute guy in the grocery store, say something to your crush, or be real with your current partner about exactly what you want. It’s your time of expression, so speak your truth! 

Gemini: My, my Gemini don’t you look nice. All eyes are on you, and this is the time of your highest expression. You are able to truly go after what you want and there is no stopping you. Just remember when the spotlight is bright, it can highlight everything from your bright red lipstick to where it gets stuck in your teeth. Meaning the good and the bad can come out during your season. Your mind can change, your communication can slip, and you could find yourself pushing away people who might actually be good fits for you. So do yourself a favor and keep the flip-flopping delegated to your footwear. Your relationship is the place you should be decisive and sure. 

Cancer: I feel a lot of emotional wading going on for you this week my Cancer friends. Meaning dark, murky waters of relationships and relationships past could be churning up for you. You are trying to navigate through some emotional territory, and it can be hard to see through to the bright future that’s in front of you. 

Unfortunately, this has to happen for Cancers sometimes. It’s kind of like emotional cleaning and maintenance. You tend to hold onto things way past their expiration date, but eventually, there’s no more room left in the fridge. So now is the time to clean out all the past emotions and relationships that are taking up space. I wish there was an easier way to do it, but sometimes the only way out is through. 

On the plus side, all this emotional cleaning will help open up tons of space in your life and heart for new beginnings which will come shooting in as soon as they have a spot to sit. Also, keep in mind if you clean as you go, you might not run into such a harrowing ordeal every few months or years. Just something to keep in mind! 

Leo: “Come out of the cave walking on your hands and see the world hanging upside down.” An apt song lyric for your current predicament. You are slowly walking out of your cave to begin basking in the sun. However, all your time in the dark wasn’t for nothing. It was a time of deep self-reflection and insight. Now you are walking out of Plato’s cave with a whole new perspective on life and love. It might feel like you were sent off to lick your wounds, but that’s just your pride talking. This is a golden opportunity to take your spot as the leader of your love life that you know you can be. Enjoy! 

Virgo: You may not believe it, but this is your vacation time. It is time to kick off your shoes and put your feet up. Allow the conversations and opportunities to come to you. You are highly magnetic right now and things are being caught in your pull. You are highly irresistible! So, allow things to develop and come to you naturally, I know that might feel a little against your nature but it’s not. You have a very strong natural pull, so allow yourself to access it. You don’t have to work so hard or be in charge of every little thing, now is a great time to let the universe say “I told you so.” 

Libra: Libra, Libra, Libra. What have you done? Didn’t we just have this talk last week? I’m feeling like a lot of you went overboard trying to even some scales and now have tipped them out of balance completely. I feel a lot of emotional upheavals, maybe even some lost relationships. I get it, that urge to micromanage is powerful, and often Libra’s nature doesn’t allow them to feel good or at peace unless everyone around them does. It’s a noble trait, but not one without its drawbacks. 

Now is actually not the time for action for you, at least not quite as much as your Zodiac siblings. Your continued interference or apologies may actually make the situation worse. You are going to have to do what the original lesson was, to begin with, wait it out. Allow the scales to stay unbalanced and watch how they naturally shake out. 

Calm, concise patience is your best friend right now. It’s actually a good time to focus on yourself for a little while. The most attractive and magnetic thing is someone enjoying their life and doing interesting things. So, take some to do that. Your friends or partner will come around. Just leave it alone for a little while, stop picking at a fresh wound. And don’t beat yourself up too much, it’s all a learning process. 

Scorpio: Whip that stinger tail Scorpio! Actually, don’t you might take out a whole village. Your energy is up and focused, if not a little intense. You are on the warpath, but you are heading in the right direction, right now is all about getting things done for you. It feels like you are the CEO of your life and love. Your energetic force is fierce. I love it! Just be careful while swinging that big tail around you might hurt someone. You are treating your boundaries and path a little like an electric fence, if anyone gets too close or in your way you zap them. 

You don’t have to be all that fierce, you can simply get your message across without burning down the village. Or if you feel like the engagement is too much of a distraction just blow them off and keep moving. Every fight isn’t your fight, and your success will put a stop to any attempts to slow you down. So, this week be cautious of how you handle conflict, keep your eye on the prize, and try not to take out entire towns on your way to the top, because believe me, that is exactly where you are headed this week. 

Capricorn: Rules and regulations are usually your friends—but not this week. This week is all about taking it easy and being flexible. In fact, if you hold too firm, some relationships around you might actually just break. Yikes. I feel like you’ve been pushing hard on people around you, and this Rx has not brought out your warm and fuzzy side. 

You have the emotional capacity you just have to learn to access it. Remember, everything from a relationship to a business transaction can benefit from a personal touch. You don’t have to tell them your life story but being open and warm can actually go a long way, especially with your relationships right now. You are on the verge of losing big time, so take down the walls and let in the light and the love! 

Aquarius: Oh Aquarius. With your head in the sky, you are missing out on all the great things down here on Earth. You are probably feeling a lot of good, strong, maybe even intense ideas coming in. The wheels of your logical mind are turning but try to remember the people around you need some of that attention too. It might feel a little counterintuitive and maybe even uncomfortable, but at least try to give some attention to the earthbound things in your life this week. Whether it’s a partner, a financial situation, your home environment, whatever it is your genius mind needs a little focus on it right now. 

It can be easy to get so swept up that we don’t notice a neglected partner or an unpaid utility bill or maybe a delinquent parking ticket. In fact, all of those things might register fairly low on your attention scale, but all those things add up. They cumulate into shut-off utilities, massive fines, or a suddenly single status. So be sure to pay attention to the little things, while they are little. If not, you will be mourning them when they become big things that can’t help but hold your attention. Don’t wait until things get to that point to handle them, deal with them now. You can do it! 

Pisces: It’s not easy being enlightened. It may feel like you are living in two separate worlds right now, the one in your mind and dreams, and the one surrounding you. The ethereal and the physical. The current and the future. Pisces is not always an easy sign to live in this world as, it just isn’t. It’s not meant to be. Pisces are some of the most tuned in and intuitive of our kind and their ties to the other worlds are very strong. That means they often don’t fit into the 9-5 lifestyle and roles that our society tends to demand. That’s ok though, they are here to be the connection. To help others see the light where they only see walls. 

Yet with that level of leadership can come a lot of responsibility and misunderstanding. I’m feeling a sense of frustration coming from you this week. A feeling like your visions are not your reality and you can’t seem to make your life or loves work the way you want them to, or can see them as. Yet part of living in this world is understanding this world. While everyone has the ability to access their highest self, not everyone takes that opportunity. Seeing the best in others is wonderful, but they have to see it and access it themselves too. So, if your current relationship is just not meeting the high-in-the-sky standards you can see it reaching, then it’s time to come back down to Earth and make some decisions. If your partner isn’t reaching their potential, that’s their decision to make not yours. You have to see them and the relationship as they are now, not as they could be in some distant future. It might be time to cut some ties this week Pisces, sorry for your loss but rest assured better things are on the way.  

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