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Weekly Love Horoscope

Free At Last! 

By Bethany Nicole

Ahhh it feels like we can breathe again! Mercury Retrograde has ended, the Pluto Retrograde has calmed down, we are past the Scorpio full moon, and it should be fairly smooth sailing ahead! 


While this time has not been the easiest for all of us, I am sure at the very least it has been quite educational. A lot of upheaval can lead to a lot of discomfort but discomfort can lead us to necessary change. So, while this may not have been the time of our lives, it can be leveraged into actions that do lead us to happier days! 

We are now smoothly sailing through Taurus season, with Venus the planet of love in Cancer. That means it is a great time to get in touch with our feelings, home environment, and how we interact with the world around us. All of those may have been issues that came up for us during the retrograde, so why not look at what that tells us?


Cancer is the sign of the crab and loves nothing more than a good partnership. But as the true water sign it is, sometimes Cancer can struggle with boundaries and maintaining its independence. Think about when you pour water into a container, it then takes on the shape of that container. That is sometimes what Cancer partners do in relationships, they become the container, which is the relationship. They morph to fit their partners or begin to identify themselves in relation to their partner only, for example, they are so and so’s girlfriend, they are so and so’s husband, etc. 

Perhaps hints of this might have come up for you and your partner during the retrograde.  If so, hopefully, you took last week’s advice and jotted it all down. Now as the energy clears up you can take a minute to look over all the notes you made during the astrological mayhem. Take a look at what came up, what it means for your love life, and how you can use the information moving forward to improve your life and love. 

Weekly To-Do List: 

This week take a moment to reflect on your notes from the previous weeks and also ask yourself:  

  • What came up for you during the retrograde?
  • What things make you feel connected to your partner?
  • What things make you feel connected to your relationship?
  • What creates a sense of home and comfort in a relationship for you?
  • What things make you feel the most like yourself?
  • What are some ways you can maintain your sense of self in the relationship?

Pro Tip: 

Relationships are a dance. We take a step forward; they take a step back. They take a step forward; we take a step back. Sometimes it feels like we are moving like one unit and sometimes we are very aware we are two separate entities. That is the beauty of it, learning to find the balance. I’m sure you have heard the saying that the best way to show up in a relationship, is as yourself. The best way to ensure that continues is to stay true to who you are and who you were before the relationship. 


Not that we don’t grow and change for the better within relationships, and it’s human nature to morph a little to fit our environment and the people around us. We just don’t want to take that concept too far. We want to be able to maintain our sense of independence while also experiencing the joy of closeness with our partner. 

So, take the time this week to figure out what things make you feel close and connected, and what things help set you apart. Try to find the balance between the two. Let your experiences during the retrograde and the energy of Venus in Cancer, help guide you. The answers are there, all you have to do is look and listen. 


Happy Star Surfing! 


Aries: It’s time to take charge! You’ve been sitting in the shadows for too long. Your life and love are waiting just on the other side of the fear and hesitation. So much of what you are here to learn revolves around being a leader, being in charge, and taking control of your own life. So do that! The fear will step to the side as soon as you take a step forward. 


Taurus: You are cruising through your season and there is nothing better than basking in the glow of your own creations. Taurus are builders by nature, they love to construct their environment in ways that suit them. Yet don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, change can be a good thing, especially in stale or stagnant relationships or jobs. This week take a look at where you genuinely want to be and where you might just be stuck. 

Gemini: All hail the leader of the charge! Gemini is on the creative warpath this week with so many new ideas and concepts blowing in. They are certainly the ones to watch as all these new ideas might bring about big changes in life and love. Yet all the new energy might feel a bit dizzying, so be sure to utilize some grounding time to help you stay centered. Also, watch out for pedestrians because all that forward force can really knock people over, especially if they don’t see it coming. 

Cancer: I feel a lot of upheaval coming your way, especially in the area of relationships. Mercury Rx has certainly stirred up some feelings and it’s time to get very uncomfortable. The cold, hard truth is not always your favorite course of action, but in this case, it is very necessary. It is less about emotion and more about logic. Yes, you might have feelings for someone, but if they are not treating you well those feelings are less important than the reality of the situation. If you loved someone and they left you, yes that’s emotionally difficult but you still have to get up, go to work and pay bills. Some harsh relationship realities are coming your way this week so proceed with caution, but be light of heart, they are all for your greatest good. Your true happiness lies just on the other side of accepting these realities. 

Leo: Life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. That is your assignment for the week. While you love to take charge, this week feels more like a lion’s lounge in the sun. Take the time to figure out what you truly want, that way when you go charging forward you will have the strength of assurance to help guide and back you. 

Virgo: Petty is as petty does and for some reason this week, your pettiness is in overdrive. Yet ask yourself why you feel you get to be the judge, jury, and executioner in these situations. Could it be that your opinion is not the only one that matters? That your truth is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth? We all have perspectives, and lenses of reality through which we view the world. And truthfully yours is no less smeared than anyone else’s. Yes, you do have an innate ability to view the world as black and white, but when it comes to matters of the heart, things aren’t always so cut and dry. Try to remember that in your relationships this week, you are only human, and it is very human to err. 

Libra: Weigh the options. Is peace really worth any price? Tough conversations can be scary, but on the other side of them often lies true peace. When we are able to handle conflict and look it in the eye, we can see its place in relationships. Being a true peacemaker is a wonderful gift, but you don’t get there through the art of avoidance. So, with all the mayhem Mercury brought, is there anything that needs to be addressed this week? If so, do it. Real peace will be achieved on the other side. 

P.S. I generally recommend for Libra’s heading into conflict, to write down a few points they want to make, things they want to say, and outcomes they want to achieve. That way they can literally just read from the list if they have to. And when they feel themselves start slipping into the “peace at any price” mindset, they have a written reminder they can stick to. Remember, your feelings are important and valid too, so be sure they are heard. 

Scorpio: My, my, my it has been a real doozy for you, hasn’t it? That full moon really kicked your butt. But don’t worry dear Scorpio, it is nothing you can’t handle. When your pot of emotions gets stirred up, that is because something needs to be drawn to the surface. So, what was it? A relationship problem? A deep desire? A transformation of the subconscious kind? Whatever it was, I am sure it will be nothing short of life changing as you work with the energy to create new life out of the old patterns. 

Capricorn: It isn’t every day that you get praised for your emotional achievements but this week you have really dug deep to find the root of what is going on. You will see nothing short of miracles as you use that newly acquired emotional knowledge to guide your relationship decisions this week. 

Aquarius: New ideas and concepts are floating around in that beautiful mind of yours, but I sense you are struggling to put them into action. Meaning you are having a hard time creating them in the 3D reality in which we currently live. Try writing them down. Writing is a way of connecting the ethereal with the physical, bringing ideas from the ethers into the physical plane. So, try writing down your ideas this week and you might be surprised how quickly they come to fruition. 

Pisces: The world is your oyster. Your truths and plans are unfolding before your eyes. It’s been a long time coming but it is certainly worth the wait. All those dreams you’ve been dreaming will suddenly begin to manifest this week. Whether it is a new partner or the reignition of an old flame, things will be happening in your world this week. So, get ready and get excited because things are moving fast! 

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