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Weekly Love Horoscope

Rest and Repair 

It’s fine, we’re fine, everything’s fine. I know, it’s been a real astrological punch in the gut the last few weeks. With Mercury retrograding, Pluto retrograding, and a full moon in Scorpio, it’s like, why doesn’t the universe just light us on fire, it might be less painful than what’s been happening. But hang on, there is some good news. 

Mercury is going back direct on the 14th, and the full moon and initial blow of Pluto’s retrograde effects should be waning. So that means we might have a little breathing room. Sort of. Venus moves into Cancer this week. Ok, ok please don’t throw things at me I am just the messenger. 


Cancer can be a difficult energy for many of us. It calls us to feel our feels, and when it houses Venus, the planet of love, then the focus can really shift to matters of the heart, which is not exactly comfortable for a lot of us. It can also feel like a very heavy energy to the fast-moving signs of Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius, and the avoidant signs like Libra and Aquarius. A little bit of a wet blanket vibe. Yet Cancer has its upsides for sure, for example, it is the queen of nurturing. Which after the intensity of the past few weeks, couldn’t we all actually use a little of right now? I mean come on,  doesn’t a cozy cuddle with your favorite someone, a nice blanket, and a hot cup of tea sound like heaven? 

Now is the time to heal our wounds, and to nurture ourselves and our relationships, which also may have taken a hit during this time. Mercury and Pluto Rx are here to highlight where our lives and loves need tweaking, so to do that the energy is amplified around the problems in those areas. Relationship issues that may require some attention, suddenly feel like they are everything, the entire relationship. Yet again, think about when you feel depleted, maybe when you are hungry or tired, then things feel that same way. The smallest disruption feels like the hugest obstacle. Then, you get some food, get a good night’s sleep, grab some coffee in the morning, and feel ready to take on the world. Suddenly whatever insurmountable problem yesterday brought, feels not only manageable but completely doable. That is how the energy shift should begin to feel for us. So, if our relationships did take a few hits during the retrogrades, we can begin to repair the damage. Kind of like cleaning up after a storm, an astrological storm. 


Or perhaps the storm cleared out your relationship entirely, it’s been known to do that. That does not mean you should go running after your ex, if the retrograde periods brought an ending to your relationship, then it was meant to. So, allow that to exit gracefully and turn your attention towards nurturing yourself. You have probably been through it the past few weeks in one way or another. If you are single, you could have found the focus of the full moon, retrograde chaos focusing more on a friendship, a work relationship, or family interactions. That is ok, these questions will work for that too.  Here are a few ways you can get your life, love, and emotions back on track. 

Weekly To Do List: Nurture Thyself 


  • What can you do to nurture yourself this week? 


  • How can you nurture a partner or your relationship?


  • If your relationship took some hits, what are some ways you can repair it?


  • What are some things the two of you can do together to rebuild those good feelings?


  • How can you turn your home into a nurturing environment?

Pro Tip: 

If you do find yourself on the receiving end of a Mercury Retrograde breakup, or you were single, to begin with, another great thing to focus on is your home environment. Our home affects us energetically in more ways than we know so making it a peaceful, nurturing place can be one of the best self-care actions we can take. With us being in Taurus season, we can also partner with that energy of comfort and luxury as well as the home energy Cancer provides us with in order to create a safe space and an oasis, without ever leaving home. Fill your home with candles, comfortable pillows, fuzzy blankets, aromatherapy, incense, paintings you love, books you want to read, magazines that inspire you, and so on. It’s kind of like the home organizer Marie Kondo theory, if it brings you joy, then it’s worth it, if it doesn’t it’s not. So, find things that bring you joy, for whatever reason, and fill your home with them. 


You may also want to try to Feng shui your space by either a physical re-arrangement or simply using some of its theories. For example, if you are looking for a new partner, is there room for them in your home? Do they have a side of the bed, a space in the closet, or a spot in the bathroom? I know it sounds odd to clear out space for someone who isn’t in your life yet, but it is sort of the ‘build it and they will come’ mindset. If you create space in your life and home for a new partner, it gives them a greater ability to come in. If there’s no room in your home, that says it all, there is no room in your life. 

Remember, it’s all about creating a nurturing space for you and your current or potential partner. So, give your home space a second look. There can be lots of fun, inexpensive ways to make your home a place you really want to be, and maybe, someone does too. 

Happy Star Surfing! 


Here is a sneak peek at what each individual sign might be experiencing in their love lives this week. 

Aries: You have certainly been feeling the flame, so it’s a good thing you are right at home in the fire. Fire is one of the most transformative elements we have, so use it along with the transformative power of Pluto, to recreate your life and love. You can do it! 

Taurus: It’s time you follow your heart’s desire and begin living in the lap of luxury. Make your home as luxurious as your love life. Make sure everything around you feels good because that is one of your strongest guiding forces. If something in your home or love life makes you uncomfortable and begins to feel like an itchy, too-tight sweater, then it’s time to kick it to the curb. 

Gemini: Venus is moving out and you are sad to see it go. You love being able to express your heartfelt desires, but it’s ok because Venus is not your home anyway. You are now unencumbered by the romantic spotlight Venus can bring and are free to explore other domains of your life. 

Cancer: Your heartfelt desires, innermost wants, and deepest emotions are rising to the surface. This week while we are still in retrograde you might feel like your love life is on loop. Old partners, feelings, and emotions could be bubbling to the surface. While that may not be the most comfortable it’s a great time to explore them. Why were they good? Why were they bad? What do they lead you towards and away from? It’s all great information for you moving forward. 

P.S. Be sure not to get stuck on that loop, all those old emotions and partners are simply presenting to show you the way forward not to live in the past. Also be aware of who you are discussing these matters with, the Cancer emotional soundtrack can get tiring for those who have heard the song and dance before. 

Leo: You might feel like you’ve been on the back burner for too long. Being that uncomfortable and out of the spotlight could lead you to make some rash decisions but try to cool your jets a little bit longer. Your season is on the way and with it your time in the sun. Boredom does not become you so try to remember that some of the urges you are now feeling, are simply to get some focus back on you. Instead, try expressing what you need and find some healthy ways to step back into the spotlight. The universe will soon be following suit, but you may need to be the one taking the step forward. 

Virgo: Disorder is not your game. Yet finding order in the chaos is. So while all of the parts of the puzzle are moving around, try to see the bigger picture. Perhaps you are finding that some pieces of your life and relationship simply don’t fit. Use that Virgo precision to simply cut them out and focus on the parts that do bring your life into full focus. 

Libra: Everything is all out of whack. The stars are not aligning, things aren’t making sense and everyone’s emotions are all out of balance. What a nightmare. But my advice to you is to embrace the chaos. Allow the disorder and imbalance to guide you to life and love choices that feel centered. Sometimes the best way to find the perfect balance is to fall too far one way or the other. So, allow that process to unfold now. 

Scorpio: Do you feel like you’ve been lit on fire? Emotionally at least? I get it. Yet Scorpio is the king of the transformation, the czar of the death-to-rebirth cycle, and the emperor of using the old to build the new. So, while it may feel like your world is falling apart, this is your time to shine. Take the pieces of the old to build the shiny and new. 

Sagittarius: While you may not enjoy the slow-spirited nature of Cancer, you do love a good challenge. Try to look at all of this transformation as a challenge to be conquered, your inner psyche as a new world to be discovered. Dive deep to find the gold that exists there and use your fearless nature to push past the demons of doubt. Besides it wouldn’t kill you to slow down a little bit and focus on your home life, it might be the area needing the most attention right now. 

Capricorn: Excuse me while I knock over your tower of perfectly aligned blocks. This is no time for organization! In fact, now is the time to embrace the disorder. While your obsessive need to clean is part of your charm, your obsession with order can in fact drive everyone else crazy. So allow some space to let your partner be who they are. Let your home be a little bit of a mess. Allow yourself time in limbo while the astrological storm rages on. The pieces are going to fall exactly as they are supposed to and then I promise you can arrange them to your liking. But until then relinquish control. Just for a few more weeks. 

Aquarius: It’s the age of Aquarius. You love nothing more than watching old systems fall so you get the job of envisioning new ones. Use that skill with your relationships. If some of them have fallen during this storm, use it as a time to envision how you want to rebuild them. What worked, and what didn’t? Think of it like constructing a building. What created a weak foundation? How can you improve on that next time?

Pisces: You have a bird’s eye view. With your eye in the sky, you can see the underlying reason behind all this mayhem. Use that info to help your fellow man. Some of the Earth signs might feel a little Earth-bound at the moment, not able to see the bigger picture as you can. Impart your wisdom on others, especially your partner, in order to help them see why all this astrological chaos is not only perfect in its disorder but is actually for their own good. 

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