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Weekly Love Horoscope 

Observe But Do Not Disturb 

We are still cruising through Mercury Retrograde this week with the addition of Pluto, the lord of the underworld, going retrograde also. So fun. 

Pluto is the ruler (in some traditions) of the sign of Scorpio. Dark, twisty, and deep, Scorpio likes to dive into the depths, there is no surface-level skate-by with this sign or with this planet. Pluto also is very regenerative, destroying in order to rebuild, it is the ultimate leader of transformation. With it going retrograde it is likely to start digging up some very deep, possibly dark, patterns in your relationships. Anything floating beneath the surface could be brought to the top. The unconscious becomes conscious. Again, so fun. 

However, it is all for the best. As Mercury Rx brings up patterns, so does the Pluto retrograde. These things are brought to our attention for the purpose of transformation. Just because we aren’t aware of something doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting us, especially when it comes to our love lives. So, it really is best for us to know what’s going on, even if we would rather it be left in the dark. 

So, this week, consider yourself your own relationship anthropologist. As we are still in the communication retrograde, speaking our minds might not be in our best interests, especially as Pluto could dig up some dark emotions, but with Venus the planet of love in chatterbox Gemini, we do have some levels of communication on our side. The written kind. 

The classic rule of the anthropologist is “Observe do not disturb” and that is going to be your motto for the week. Observe the patterns, but do not react. 

Now understandably, we cannot put our entire lives on hold for the retrogrades, so if something has to be addressed, one way to beat the system is to write it out. Put pen to paper, then practice what you’ve written, out loud. Maybe even read it to a friend or trusted family member to get their response. Make sure you have said what you want to say but in a tactful and logical way. With all this astrological disruption, our emotions may not exactly be our friends right now. So, trying to see as clearly and communicate as precisely as possible, will help us make it out of these retrogrades in one piece. 

Everything that can wait, do wait on. But be sure to document it. The more patterns you see, the more you should write it out. Don’t forget, repeated emotions are patterns too. If you find yourself feeling the same old way, even if the outside catalyst isn’t the same, that’s something to explore too. Emotional links can provide lots of information too so don’t forget to include them in your research. 

So, this week your assignment is…

Weekly To-Do List: 

  • Spray it Don’t Say It

Spray ink all over your journal pages but keep your thoughts to yourself. 

  • Notice any emotional repetitions in your love life. 
  • Notice any repeat situations that keep popping up.

Example: You find yourself on a date with the exact same type of person you just dumped 

  • Observe any patterns that remind you of your childhood.
  • Notice if any old thought patterns or reactions pop up.
  • If you have to address something this week, write it out and practice it first. 

Pro Tip: 

Remember that things this week and last may feel very amplified. That’s ok, they are meant to. Whatever is coming up is meant to catch your attention in a big way. So even though you may feel a push to handle it right away, take a step back to see if you really need to. Obviously, some things just can’t wait but many things can, at least another week or so. So, try to step back and see things as clearly, unemotionally, and distantly as possible. Like a neutral observer, an anthropologist at work.  Most likely it’s just a pattern trying to catch your attention and a little journaling and self-work, will help clear it up. No outside intervention necessary. 

If possible, be your relationship anthropologist this week and observe but do not disturb! 

Happy Star Surfing! 


Here is a sneak peek at what each individual sign might be experiencing in their love lives this week. 

Aries: Always up for a challenge this week might feel like an adventure to you. Accept it as a personal challenge to dig deep to find out what is going on in your love life and harness all that energy and passion in order to make it work for you instead of against you. 

Taurus: It’s your season! Your time to shine! With Venus, your ruling planet, housing communicative and fun-loving Gemini and it being your season and all, you probably feel pretty pleased with yourself. Watch out though, with all this spotlight, the darkness of Pluto could feel like a harsh contrast, a harsh to your mellow so to speak. But it’s all good, because remember, it’s all for the best!  

Gemini: Basking in the glow of Venus, the planet of love’s attention, it is a great time for you to explore your options. Chance encounters and relationship surprises abound for you this week. 

Cancer: You aren’t afraid to dive deep into the waters of emotion, but even for you this Pluto retrograde might feel a bit intense. Try to manage the overwhelming emotions by writing them out and using that uncanny ability you have to see through to the depths to figure out what is really going on. 

Leo: You don’t like it. The spotlight isn’t on you, the brakes are on your momentum and this whole “dig deep” thing makes you want to puke. I get it, it’s not your favorite time. But trust me, this is all for your greatest good, and even the king of the jungle needs a break from the spotlight from time to time. In order to be an effective leader, you cannot have your own personal problems interfering with decision-making, and now is a great time to take a step back to clear those up before stepping back into the center ring. 

Virgo: Ahh, sweet relief. With your ruling planet retrograding and your fellow communication sign in the Venus sweet spot, now is the time for you to kick up your feet and take a load off. The pressure is finally off and you have an opportunity to journal at your leisure. Your type-A personality might actually catch a break this week. So, it’s no surprise if you are feeling surprisingly relaxed and laid back in your relationships. Enjoy the respite while you can! 

Libra: You my friend, are probably feeling in overdrive. With all the retrogrades your scales could feel seriously off balance. Your compulsive need to correct is probably in high gear. But here’s a little tip. It’s ok if things are not in sync right now. If you or your partner are feeling off, that’s totally normal for the moment, it is not something you need to correct. Just allow the scales to be a little tipped, they will even out on their own in a few weeks. Take the discomfort and notice it. 

Scorpio: Swim, Scorpio, swim! The deep, dark, watery vibe is where you feel most at home. You love delving into the depths and now is your time. With your planet retrograding it is most likely churning up all those dark, twisty emotions you so love to work with. So, enjoy your time in the dark, as it’s where you shine the most. 

Sagittarius: The urge to run is real. You are not loving anything that’s going on right now. Sitting still and thinking about feelings? Gross. But it’s important for your growth and development to do exactly that. After all, you don’t want your adventures hindered by the baggage of the past. Now is the time to clear that all up and ditch the past baggage for good.  

Capricorn: Your analytical nature makes dealing with emotions, especially hard. However, finding the lesson in the experience is one of your greatest gifts, so if you can utilize that this week, you will find so much wisdom in what you have experienced. Sitting with the emotions will help you find the lessons, and those lessons will help you move forward exponentially n your love life. 

Aquarius: Lessons, lessons, and more lessons. Admit it, you know you’ve skated by some situations unphased that probably should have had more consequences attached to them. The Aquarius avoidance is legendary, however, what we avoid, often simply grows in size. I hate to say it but all of those emotions you’ve been avoiding and conflicts you’ve been dodging, well here they are, waiting on your doorstep. It’s going to be a wild ride, and one you may feel like you won’t come out of, but it will do you so much good to face the fire and see what lessons it holds. It’s also good to note moving forward, that if you face things as they come, you may not have such a fallout next time one of these comes around. 

Pisces: It may feel like a time of discombobulation. You feel a little off-center, a little floaty like everything is kind of abstract and fuzzy. That’s because you are blending the above with the below. You are being asked to see how past problems can affect future solutions, and how what you believe can become what you perceive. You are seeing worldly problems for their abstract roots and that is exactly what you are meant to be doing right now. For example, a financial situation with a partner could be housed in the emotions around money as opposed to the physical manifestation of it. That is where your work lies this week, and don’t worry, things will become clearer as the retrograde lifts. 

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