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Vivian Lou Insolia Classic Weight-Shifting Insoles Review

By Valerie Milano & Audrey Rock 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/17/2019


“Wear high heels four times longer, without pain.” It’s a bold promise, and one I don’t take lightly. As a red carpet reporter, high-heel related pain is an all too familiar ailment. Even the most promising pair of comfortable heels eventually becomes unbearable, once you’ve pushed through three hours of standing for interviews and photo ops. 


Enter Vivian Lou, whose permanent placement insoles make such a bold claim for pained women of style everywhere.  For every woman who wants to wear high heels without the hurt. Since 75% of a woman’s body pressure is on her forefoot, that’s where the pain manifests most. Even worse, what starts in your feet can travel up into your lower back, and rack the entire body with pain.

These insoles shift and redistribute weight, so they’re not simply a cushion or a pad for pain. They’re engineered to prevent pressure and pain from ever occurring.

Designed by a podiatrist and cheekily engineered by a “rocket scientist,” the invisible resin material is perfect for your most red-carpet worthy heels–even open toed and strappy sandal styles. 





With a slim design, precise sizing, staying power, and benefit to your knees, hips and back, they’re really a can’t miss proposition. The insoles straighten posture and improve ankle stability, reducing strain everywhere.

Abby Walker, CEO, Vivian Lou

The woman behind Vivian Lou, CEO Abby Walker, the quintessential busy woman herself, developed a love of shoes early in her career, which developed into more than a preoccupation. She felt that the more distinct the shoe, the higher her confidence went. “I believe the right pair of shoes can change everything!” she says, and any woman who’s owned that ‘right pair’ of shoes can attest to the fact.


Now, Walker is proud to do her part to help women focus ‘more on their dreams, and less on their feet’ with her revolutionary weight shifting insoles.


Like a true pro, Walker also donates a portion of every sale to organizations that help disadvantaged women revitalize their confidence and reclaim their independence. Among them are Dress For Success Twin Cities and the Women’s Bean Project. 

Learn more about Vivian Lou at

About Abby Walker/Vivian Lou

Hi! I’m Abby Walker, CEO of Vivian Lou. My love for shoes began when I was living in Chicago, two years out of college, insecure about my professional credentials and low on cash. I worked with women who had gorgeous hair, gorgeous bags, gorgeous clothes and gorgeous jewelry. To say I felt inept is an understatement.

I struggled to find my niche in a world of confident, accomplished, beautiful women. Then I found an amazing pair of black and white polka-dotted heels. They were affordable, yet distinct, and set me apart from others in the office. I was instantly hooked on heels.

My love for shoes blossomed, and I continued to push the edge as to what I could (or should) wear to work while pursuing a growing communications career. The more distinct the shoe, the greater my courage— at work and in my personal life.

After 15 years in Corporate America and many pairs of high heels later, I finally found the courage to start my own businessLearn more about my entrepreneurial journey here.

See, I believe the right pair of shoes can change your perspective on everything! Read more about what I believe here. And I’m honored to offer a line of products that help women focus more on their dreams and less on their feet.