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Viva LA Celebrates the Creative Spirit of the 2022 LA Art Show

After another hard year of pandemic doldrums, the return of the 2022 LA Art Show celebrates the creative spirit as Andre Miripolsky gives the city a vibrant new slogan.

By John Lavitt

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 01/27/2022 –  At the Los Angeles Convention Center, the 2022 LA Art Show was nothing less than a celebration of modern art and the best of Los Angeles. Punctuated by the energized Viva LA slogan, the entire show overflowed with work from incredible galleries nationwide and the creativity of solo artists. Viva LA represents the height of this creative spirit, representing a new movement masterminded by LA artist Andre Miripolsky and entrepreneur Christian Mitman of BIX Art Group to celebrate LA’s diversity and creativity.

During the 2022 month-long Viva LA Channeling LA mobile art truck project that took place from December to January, the LA street artist known as M created an incredible thirty works of art in thirty days at 30 locations across Los Angeles. Each work of art interacts with the city, showing how Viva LA is an art movement that brings both Los Angeles and the LA Art Show to life, fostering unity and connection. Such interaction with community and expression highlights the heart of the Viva LA message.

Talking about the new Viva LA creative movement, Christian Mitman said, “There are two universal truths about the people that live in LA: no matter where you go, we are all Angelenos, and we all love this city; and Angelenos love having an icon to call their own, created to celebrate them and their city. Viva LA is our gift of inspiration and energy that we created to honor and highlight the heart of this city’s spirit.”

Beyond Viva LA, the Los Angeles Convention flowed with incredible modern and contemporary work. After the opening night when model Kaia Gerber, the daughter of legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford, hosted the premiere party, the creative spirit of the LA Art Show continued to sparkle and shine for several days. Over an intoxicating weekend of creative presentations and artistic statements, the best of modern and contemporary art came together and gathered energy in Los Angeles. Indeed, in the coming months, as a part of this celebration of the city, Andre Miripolsky has a big surprise as he continues to embrace innovation and new modes of expression.

Fabrik NFT Salon Equals Helping the Young Creator and the Cutting Edge

At the LA Art Show, new modes of expression were the name of the game as NFT (non-fungible tokens that are part of a digital ledger of artistic files) creators co-mingled with traditional artists, both painters, sculptors, and mixed-media giants. However, the lines are now blurred as everyone is doing everything. As Andre Miripolsky commented, “NFTs are no longer the exception to the rule, and I don’t even think there are any rules. They are part of the means of expression in the today’s world. They are now an essential element of what we do as artists.”

A perfect manifestation of these new artistic collectives is the Fabrik NFT Salon. Focused on the creative journey, the curators of Fabrik NFT Salon provide access to their kindred hearts, called Genesis Artists, to the latest technologies and creative venues. The curators of the 2022 Fabrik NFT Salon were B. Creative Studios, MannyLinx, Jeannine Chanin Penn, and Paiman. Like their names, the curators are innovative artists exploring the new boundaries of technological expression in modern society.

Indeed, it is easy to see the young artists joining voices with the classic voices of LA creativity, finding common ground in new expressions. The Viva LA spirit of Andre Miripolsky and Christian Mitman falls right in line with the creative mission of Fabrik NFT salon. They are two ideal examples of artists not just trying to sell their work and make a buck but also celebrating the city’s creative soul and the communities they love. Finally, there is an argument to be made that NFT creativity is a way to address and overcome the doldrums of the lingering pandemic. Ultimately, art celebrates and heals, and Viva LA expresses the vibrancy of a city that overflows with creative souls.

Andre Miripolsky stays on the cutting edge of the art world by doing his first 10,000 profile picture 1/1 release in partnership with NFTG and Beneath The Waves. For Miripolsky, the SharkTales Art Club is a new approach to communal art collecting and ocean conservation available to NFTG members. Thus, this new art drop includes not only one-of-a-kind creations; it also helps to do good in the world. To access membership and claim a MIRIPOLSKY shark swim NFT, check out Andre’s new work on the NFTG website.