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Venezuelan/Canadian Filmmaker Javier Badillo

Debuts Short Film “Legally Speaking” at Cannes
by Dr. Laura Wilhelm, LauraWil Intercultural

Javier Badillo

West Hollywood, CA (The Hollywood Times) 6/1/17 – Javier Badillo visited Cannes for a second time with his eight-minute short film “Legally Speaking” as part of the 2017 Short Film Corner.  The Island Productions film, written by and starring Michael Germant, is about a spoiled brat who visits his right-wing senator stepfather on his sailboat to extort money for a medicinal marijuana grow-op.

Vancouver Rowing Club Clubhouse

Shot at the beautiful Vancouver Rowing Club overlooking Stanley Park, “Legally Speaking” reveals how generational differences – rich vs. poor, LGBTQ vs. bigotry, left vs. right – are major political issues in an increasingly polarized North America.  The film also stars Roman Podhora and Canadian film and theater industry legend Mel Tuck.

“The only thing marijuana has ever cured is ambition!” the  senator insists right before his stepson’s last-ditch blackmail attempt.  The elemental conflicts between these characters is underscored by the stark white and black backdrop punctuated with pops of orange and blue at the rowing club.
Javier Badillo

Javier Badillo learned to use humor in television cartoons, which led to live action filmmaking later on.  “People lower their defenses when they watch cartoons,” he said during a telephone interview conducted with this reporter right after returning to Canada from Cannes on the morning of Thursday, June 1st, 2017.

Javier Badillo – Vancouver, BC

Badillo is glad to reside in Vancouver, British Columbia since his native Venezuela is very unsafe.  His travels have given this 38-year-old director a slightly satirical view of the world.  He sees Millennials as a “lost generation” who can fall into grave error when they take their limitless sense of entitlement into the real world, as happens in “Legally Speaking.”

Pope Francis greets Syrian refugees he brought to Rome from the Greek island of Lesbos

His next feature-length film will deal with the Syrian diaspora with cinematic nods to Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line” and Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now.”  Javier just did some related interviews in Germany and is applying for federal funding in Canada.

I just added “Henchin’ by Javier Badillo” to Short Films on

Badillo hopes “The Road to Ithriyah” will start to be screened in festivals by the end of 2018.  Us fellow lovers of international cinema can only hope he also brings it to LA!