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VANESSA BRYANT Files For Kobe Trademark

Earlier this month, Vanessa Bryant (widow to Kobe Bryant), filed to trademark “KB24” to create an empire protecting websites, training camps, broadcasting platforms, podcasts, TV shows, apparel and more around Kobe’s name.

A trademark attorney shared what this trademark is protecting and what to consider when applying for one:

“The mark was filed for in connection with a variety of goods and services, including podcasts, trading cards, shot glasses, clothing, audio and visual broadcasting services, and youth programs. Intent-to-use applications can be filed by applicants with a good faith intent to use the trademark in connection with the applied-for goods and services within the next 3 years. So, by filing this application, we know that Kobe, Inc. is intending on using the KB24 mark on the goods and services it applied for some time in the near future, but we’ll have to wait to see how the company, and Vanessa Bryant, who signed the application as President of Kobe, Inc. specifically use the KB24 brand.

Intent-to-use applications are great tools for business owners who know what trademark they want to use but aren’t ready to launch their products or services yet. KB24 notably wasn’t applied for in connection with any shoes, jerseys, or other sporting goods.”

Catlan McCurdy, Principal Tech Attorney and Expert at Digital.com.