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Utherverse Brings St. Patty’s Day Parade and Other Safe and Social Events as Cities Shutter Celebrations

(Vancouver, BC / March 12, 2020) — Utherverse, the world’s first and only 3D social network for adults, is offering a virtual world of social connections while staying home during these uncertain next few weeks.
Company CEO Brian Shuster is planning an incredible St. Patrick’s Day parade to bring the crowds to the streets of this massively popular social game next week in the wake of COVID-19 halting this year’s legendary street celebrations in Boston, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland.
“With the threat of the novel coronavirus outbreak reaching our local communities, it’s prudent to avoid crowds and stay in these days for everyone’s safety,” said Shuster. “This is where our social game filled with real adults comes in… a unique place to enjoy yourself freely, with no limits.”
The interconnected realms offer users a truly diverse range of opportunities to meet and make new friends, work, party, go to school, shop or simply escape and expand their environments and build new venues for human interaction in the form of realistic avatar profiles.
Hook ups and dating are also popular at Utherverse, where people can find matches, go on dates and get intimate within the game-play world; users can also open their own businesses and go to virtual clubs, weddings, concerts, amusement parks, movie theaters and more.
“Over the past decade, millions of users have built up businesses and events on our platform,” added Shuster. “Almost every social activity that you can think of is available safely online in our massively social game. The bars are still open and people are still interested in having a good time, drinking and getting to know each other – you’re just having your entertainment remotely, with a fun new group of revelers.”
To get started in the Utherverse, visit Utherverse.com and follow on Twitter at @utherverse.
Utherverse Digital Inc. is a developer of an exclusive multi-user Virtual Reality social networking profile site, an entirely new way of social and digital communication and real-time human interaction. The company creates virtual communities that include live entertainment, online dating, charitable events, business opportunities and education. Utherverse continues to push the envelope in Virtual Reality into the 2020’s and beyond.