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UNSTABLE Premieres March 30 on Netflix

Unstable. (L to R) Rob Lowe as Ellis, John Owen Lowe as Jackson in episode 103 of Unstable. Cr. John P. Fleenor/Netflix © 2023

ABOUT UNSTABLE: Ellis Dragon is a universally admired, eccentric, narcissist-adjacent biotech entrepreneur working to make the world a better place. He’s also in emotional free-fall. His son Jackson Dragon is… none of those things. Can Jackson save Ellis and his company and salvage their estranged relationship while also doing what may actually be impossible: escaping the shadow of his larger-than-life father?

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Starring: Rob Lowe (Ellis Dragon), John Owen Lowe (Jackson Dragon), Sian Clifford (Anna), Rachel Marsh (Luna), Emma Ferreira (Ruby), Aaron Branch (Malcolm)


Ellis Dragon (Rob Lowe) is a brilliant, eccentric biotech scientist and entrepreneur. After the death of his wife, he’s unable to regain his focus.

Jackson Dragon (John Owen Lowe) more grounded and more of an introvert than his father, Jackson has always had trouble living in the huge shadow that Ellis casts.

Anna Bennet (Sian Clifford) is the Dragon company’s smart, tough and formidable CFO. Able to go toe-to-toe with Ellis, Anna has been (barely) keeping the company on the rails during her boss’ emotional spiral.

Malcolm Drummond (Aaron Branch), is a childhood friend of Jackson’s. He used to be Ellis’ assistant but has recently been promoted to project manager. He adores Ellis; in fact, Malcolm is jealous that Jackson gets to be Ellis’ son.


Luna Castillo (Rachel Marsh) is a genius biotech engineer who works in one of the labs with her friend and research partner, Ruby. Shy, awkward, some would say weird, Luna is happy to let her more outgoing partner do the talking for the two of them.

Ruby Rosario (Emma Ferreira) is also a biotech genius (let’s just stipulate everyone who works here is a friggin’ genius). Ruby is outgoing, accessible, and fun; the opposite of Luna.


Format: 8 episodes x 30 minutes

Creators: Rob Lowe, John Owen Lowe, Victor Fresco


Executive Producers: Rob Lowe, John Owen Lowe, Victor Fresco, Marc Buckland