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Two-Time Oscar Winner Jodie Foster Joins MasterClass to Teach Filmmaking

By: Angela Redding

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/21/2019–“Jodie’s remarkable career spanning more than five decades, and her non-traditional path to filmmaking, has made her one of the most admired directors in Hollywood,” said David Rogier, co-founder and CEO of MasterClass.

Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking (photos: MasterClass Photos by Jane Sharp (The Hatch Agency)

Aspiring filmmakers, directors, screenwriters, and actors have the chance to learn filmmaking from one of the most well known actor-directors in Hollywood, Jodie Foster. She is currently offering a filmmaking class, which began on January 18th; it is her first ever online class exclusively through MasterClass the online education company.

Foster is well qualified to teach those looking to enter the “wonderful world of filmmaking” having been in the business over 52 years. She has starred in 40 major films, directed four feature films and made her directorial debut in 1991 with Little Man Tate. 

“I’m thrilled to be able to share the lessons I’ve learned over the years with people who are equally as passionate about film,” said Foster. “Authentic storytelling is about having the courage to be vulnerable, tapping into those deeply personal experiences and identifying the right ingredients to have them translate on screen. I wanted to teach this MasterClass to share that experience of creating a signature and expressing yourself in a work of art. For me, that’s the joy of making movies.”

Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking (photos: MasterClass Photos by Jane Sharp (The Hatch Agency)

Throughout the class, students will learn how to storyboard their vision, collaborate with actors, make distinct visual choices, and much more.

A downloadable workbook comes as apart of the class with recaps and exclusive supplemental materials from Foster’s archive.

Students are able to learn at their own pace using their cell phone or computer. Check out the video introduction to the class from Jodie.


Trailer for Jodie Foster’s MasterClass below:


Two-Time Oscar Winner Jodie Foster Joins MasterClass to Teach Filmmaking

Lessons for Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking are as follows:

  1. Introduction: Jodie talks about her perspective from both sides of the camera, what you’ll learn in her class, and why filmmaking means so much to her.
  2. Finding Your Personal Story: To help you find the story you want to tell, Jodie gets personal.
  3. Exploring the Big Idea in Film: Jodie breaks down the concept of the “big idea” in film.
  4. Jodie’s Short Film: Building Your Story Into a Screenplay, Part 1: Inspiration can come from anywhere.
  5. Creating the Vision for Your Film: As a director, your job is to communicate with your collaborators to create the vision for your film.
  6. Deconstructing Visual Choices: The Beaver: Jodie breaks down a storyboard sequence from her movie
  7. Jodie’s Short Film: Building Your Story into a Screenplay, Part 2: Learn how Jodie collaborates with writers to help build character, tension, and realism into a scene.
  8. Jodie’s Short Film: The Screenwriter-Director Collaboration: Jodie and Scott go deeper into how to make the relationship between a director and a screenwriter more fruitful and effective.
  9. Jodie’s Short Film: Constructing a Scene: Using the short scene that she wrote with Scott, Jodie demonstrates how you can begin to visualize your story by mapping out a shot list.
  10. Prepping and Scheduling: Prepping and scheduling is critical to your film’s success.
  11. Casting: Learn how she approaches the casting process and what you can look for in an actor when casting your own films.
  12. The Acting Process: Jodie teaches you how to inspire a powerful and honest performance from an actor.
  13. Directing Actors: Jodie teaches you how to work with an actor on set to create a compelling scene.
  14. Shooting Your Film: Directing a film is a series of choices and compromises.
  15. Selecting a Performance Case Study: Jack O’Connell in Money Monster: Learn how to review dailies to make choices for your own film.
  16. Editing: Learn how Jodie approaches the editing process as she breaks down a scene put together from raw footage for Money Monster.
  17. Music: With examples from her own films, Jodie teaches you how music selection can enhance your film.
  18. Conclusion: Jodie concludes her class with a note on the future of filmmaking, female filmmakers, and her final words of wisdom.

Students also have the opportunity to upload videos and get feedback and Foster will critique select pieces of work.

MasterClass began in 2015 and offers affordable, attention grabbing, and inspirational online classes taught by world-renowned instructors.

MasterClass’ current roster of courses includes:

Culinary Arts

Film and Television

Music and Entertainment



Design and Fashion

Sports and Games

Politics and Society

Science and Technology

A single class is $90 and $180 gives you access to all classes offered. Foster’s class is now available at www.masterclass.com/jfo. Each class has multiple lessons taught by the chosen instructor.

Class: Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking

Instructor: Jodie Foster

A MasterClass Online Education Course. Number of Lessons: 18. Start Date: Available now.