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Two Doctors’ Courageous Fight For A Solution to COVID Hits Roadblocks In Government, But Ramps Up Community Outreach

By Marc Ang

Photos THT

Costa Mesa, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/4/21 – On the evening of September 30, 2021, The Hollywood Times was able to catch up with two doctors who have a revolutionary product that if made widespread, could dramatically reduce rates and cases of COVID.

Dr. Lanny Johnson traveled from his home in Michigan for the September 30th event, to join Orange County-based Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen to introduce the powerful science behind PCA (protocatechuic acid).  Made of natural ingredients, Dr. Johnson holds 18 US Patents that are backed by credible, evidence-based science. The medical literature and research disclose that PCA has many potential health and wellness benefits, including anti-aging, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic (broad spectrum) properties.

Independent laboratory evidence has shown that PCA inactivated COVID-19 upon physical contact, immediately and up to 24 hours on US Patents 17 and 18 that were approved in March and in August 2021.

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Johnson, the 88 year old trailblazer expressed unbridled excitement at the possibilities of his invention. He even approached the federal government for distribution to government institutions like schools and hospitals but was shut down, citing the fact that the COVID pandemic was too good for them politically.  Dr. Johnson says, “There’s the amazing thing. No interest. I have connections that allowed me to get in front of a Democratic Senator. Her deputy laughed and said, ‘You think we want a treatment for COVID? This has been too good for us.”

But this incident was what brought a fruitful partnership together, as Dr. Johnson searched for ways to get his product out there without government’s help and into the private sector.  He traveled to Orange County and met Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen, who he now affectionately refers to as a daughter.  She has since, licensed Dr. Johnson’s patents and holds the exclusive license to utilize the multiple-patented ingredient in the formulation and creation of PCA-based nutraceutical and cosmeceuticals products under the banner of her company Dr. J’s Natural.

In local Orange County and in the Vietnamese community, this has been the talk of the town and a way for the Vietnamese American community to see solutions at work, in regards to fighting COVID. Dr. Nguyen says “It is safe for all ages to use, and it’s in the patent”, showing how powerful this product would be with even more widespread distribution.

The September 30th gala was a celebration of this community penetration. Local business and government officials, celebrities, influencers and media joined renowned medical researcher and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lanny Johnson and clinical pharmacist Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen at the special gala red carpet event “Dr. J’s Natural and PCA BioScience Present The Science of Protocatechuate (PCA),”  held at AnQi Bistro in Costa Mesa, California.

The glamourous evening included red-carpet arrivals, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and a delicious dinner featuring AnQi’s popular, award-winning dishes.

Emcee actor/singer Kyo York opened the event program that featured presentations by Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Johnson about the power and benefits of PCA, a mini game show, a Q&A session with the doctors, and much more. Guests were entertained by world-class performances by Vietnamese celebrity artists.

Joining Dr. Johnson and Dr. Nguyen were founder of QYK Brands Rakesh Tammabattula, Hondo and Shannon Carpenter, Beverly Hills artist & philanthropist Sir Daniel Winn, Golden West College president Tim McGrath, CEO of Access Beauty Insiders Daniela Ciocan, Executive Director Asian World Film Festival Georges Chamchoum, Fountain Valley Mayor Michael Vo, Fountain Valley Councilmember Ted Bui, restaurateur Hannah An, singer Nguyen Hong Nhung, producer of Vietnamese historical film “Phuong Khau” Huynh Tuan Anh, singer/philanthropist Tana Thai Ha, influencers Josie Goldberg, David Christopher Lee, Cindy Guyer, Pascale Fortunat, Nicole Muj, Marc Ang, and many others.

We got to catch up with successful Beverly Hills artist and philanthropist Sir Daniel Winn, where he talked about the importance of supporting PCA especially in light of the recent surge in cases in Vietnam, where The Hollywood Times has promoted the Walk 4 Vietnam, in conjunction with Mayor Michael Vo of Fountain Valley and Ted Bui of the Fountain Valley Rotary Club, to provide relief for those in rural areas locked down and without mobility due to the spread of the disease.  Sir Daniel Winn says, “100 percent of the proceeds from our art raised will bring PCA products to those who are less fortunate to have the accessibility to help and protect themselves, and to prevent deaths.”

Before leaving, guests were presented with a gift bag filled with products developed exclusively by Dr. J’s Natural, including PCA Spray Away D.O.A., PCA Face Mist Toner, and Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer.  (for a full list of products visit: https://drjsnatural.com/pca-products/)