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“Twisting It Up”

By Alex Banx

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 05/06/2019 – At first sight, I thought, “How cool!” My immediate second thought was, “I hope it doesn’t rip out my hair.” The ‘Twist It Up’ can look intimidating at first sight but in really the process was quite pleasant.

Following the instructions on the packaging I installed a QR reader on my phone to lead me to the how-to video. The first app I install lead nowhere. The second app I installed lead nowhere. The QR code apparently doesn’t work but the fortunately their website (http://twistitupcomb.com) was listed on the back side of the packaging. It took some scroll but there it was, the extremely informative demonstration video.  The website also includes other helpful and comforting tips. I’m far from a styling expert so this helped a lot.

I decided to see what would happen with no product at first, dry hair, picked out. The video didn’t say how long it should take so I swirled and swirled until I started seeing some definition. After about ten minutes I decided to work in some jojoba oil. Five more minutes of twisting it up and I was happy with my curls.

While I don’t think I’m quite ready to toss my curl defining sponge I will continue to experiment with the Twist It Up and different hair products to see what it and my hair can do.