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TruthCo. Releases Latest Findings on Comedy and Reality TV:

truth coCRACKING THE COMEDY CODE examines shifts in genre;

REINVENTING REALITY analyzes current landscape in its 10th year


NEW YORK (August 15, 2016) — TruthCo., a leading branding and cultural insights agency, announced today the findings from its latest studies on Comedy and Reality TV, Truth Culture Decoder®: Cracking the Comedy Code, 2nd Edition and Truth Culture Decoder®: Reinventing Reality, 10th Edition

TruthCo. identified the key shifts and insights in the comedy genre by analyzing over 150 shows on more than 30 networks over various platforms for their cultural relevance, codes and cues in order for networks to maximize cultural success. In addition, TruthCo. examined hundreds of Reality TV shows mapping the shifting landscape of the genre in its 10th year of the study.


Truth Culture Decoder®: Cracking the Comedy Code, 2nd Edition

Every wave of comedy speaks to the mindset of its generation, voicing its anxieties and celebrating its aspirations. As the genre increasingly caters to Millennials – the most diverse generation yet – comedy itself contains a wider array of sensibilities and experiences than we’ve ever seen before.

More than just escapist entertainment, comedy acts as a virtual field guide to helping audiences navigate chaotic and often laughable realities, framing the most crucial social issues of the moment, like race, gender, and politics, with equal parts tact and outrage.

In its second edition, CRACKING THE COMEDY CODE’s cultural analysis explores topics including:

  • The evolving role of comedy and comedians in culture.

  • Men and women: changing tastes in talent and characters.

  • Family, workplace and relationships.

  • Shifts in tone, sensibility, style and conceit.

  • The influence of Millennial preferences and values.

“Making content that is both shareable and challenging, distinctive voices like Aziz Ansari and Samantha Bee are carving out powerful platforms in the comedy landscape that until recently may have been considered niche,” said Alix Korn, Cultural Analyst at TruthCo. “Though the universal human truths remain the same, comedy today is taking on that truth with fresh styles, tones, and targets.”

Truth Culture Decoder®: Reinventing Reality, 10th Edition


Defined by a particularly Reality-influenced election cycle, as well as a growing cultural conversation about ethics in television production, the Reality genre is under more pressure than ever.

As opposed to mindless entertainment, the genre has grown increasingly engaged with larger cultural questions and concerns. TruthCo.’s milestone 10th edition of the study explores the ways Reality has cemented its status as a mainstay genre of television, defined by both permanent and shifting cultural codes.


The 10th edition analyzes the current cultural context of Reality TV including:

  • The changing role of gender in Reality TV.

  • The evolving nature of competition.

  • The shifting role of wealth and status.

  • Opportunities for humor and comedy.

  • Changing expectations of talent and casting.

“In a media climate where genres are blurring and certain codes are growing oversaturated, there is a greater need for innovation than the Reality genre has ever seen,” said Rajiv Menon, Cultural Analyst at TruthCo.

TruthCo.’s Truth Culture Decoder® helps programmers and marketers understand the dynamic cultural landscape taking place and how it impacts the relationship between the audience and content.

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About TruthCo.

TruthCo. is an omnicultural branding and cultural insights company that analyzes the current landscape to deliver actionable recommendations that keep entertainment brands and their offerings relevant. Connect with TruthCo. at or on Twitter @TeamTruthCo.

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