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Tough as a Mother jewelry: Celebrities LOVE this Look for Mother’s Day 2021 

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 3/19/2021 –  Mother’s Day is around the corner, celebrities are loving the elegance and mission of Tough as a Mother jewelry.

Jennifer Cervantes, founder and CEO of jewelry brand Tough as a Mother Tribe, discovered that being a parent is actually way messier, louder, and chaotic than she ever thought possible (but in the best ways possible). That is why she founded Tough as a Mother… to help women, and parents alike, find the strength to endure the real challenges of motherhood. Tough as a Mother jewelry is here to help you find the energy to make it through sleepless nights and challenges that we never even knew existed, whether that’s a miscarriage, the darkness of postpartum depression, the stress of feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, or just being there when your kid needs support. Tough as a Mother has also been recognized by actress Viola Davis, singer Andra Day, actress Blanca Blanco, and actress Celeste Thorson, to name a few!

Tell us about Tough as a Mother Tribe. What led you to launch your company? 

I was in my deepest moment of motherhood, dealing with anxiety, sleepless nights, and mom guilt. My stones always healed me to give me the strength or calming powers or protection. I hit rock bottom as a stressed-out teacher and mother to an infant and toddler, and then realized this can heal other women too. I lost all my breastmilk and my baby was 5 months old. I couldn’t feed my child due to stress. I realized I needed to make a change. I’m not alone. I can’t be the only one feeling like this…I felt I could connect to other women through jewelry. I could feel connected through that common bond. I could empower them to embrace their journeys that they weren’t sharing.

Your designs are incredibly personal to you. What do you enjoy most about your journey?

My stones are so special and so healing that on any given day if I’m feeling mom guilt I know exactly what to wear. If I feel anxiety I know exactly what necklace to put on. If I feel overwhelmed or am having a parenting meltdown. I change my necklace. They are personal because they are like little pieces of the universe on your body.

How is a personalized Tough as a Mother piece quietly uniting with Mothers across the world, through a common bond? 


My goal is every mom has a piece of healing jewelry. YOU are wherever and you just know. I get it, you get it. and we know we are judgement free together. Together we can empower each other. Community over competition in motherhood…omg you are doing it I’m doing it. It takes a village to raise a tough mother, and right now our villages are so separated but we can unite as a world, quietly or openly. I will have all this content to accompany my jewelry to provide helpful info from experts to help and empower women around the world. I’ve seen how other mothers around the world in Peru, in other countries, parent. It’s so wildly different. People could easily judge. The one thing is they love their child unconditionally no matter what. They are just doing their best. We could truly unite around the world even though we are raising our kids wildly different.  

Tough as a Mother has also been recognized by actress Viola Davis, singer Andra Day, actress Blanca Blanco, and actress Celeste Thorson, to name a few. Tell us more. 

Mother and Daughter stars

I spoke to Viola Davis and hand-delivered the piece, and one for her daughter Genesis. She said she loved it. For me, someone who hasn’t really kept up with Hollywood news or watched a lot of TV, I was authentically me. We weren’t talking about movies or acting, we just talked about motherhood and connected on that level. I didn’t look up her movies ahead of time–I looked up her motherhood story. This was true for connecting with all the celebrities–we are all just mothers trying to get by and do our best and love our kids. Viola Davis is an inspiring mom. She has an amazing story. Celeste Thorson is a bad ass mom.  My favorite moment, Griffin Matthews, he is a dad telling me about his foster kid story during COVID. We were laughing so hard about all the things. He wasn’t even a mom but he’s a parent, and we were laughing so hard about parenting. I never expected this to be for parents other than moms but I realized it’s for everyone. He wore my necklace and posted about it. We were laughing so hard about not sleeping and he was posting about the necklace getting him through. Once again I got to be there talking to people about parenthood. To connect with amazing people about parent life was eye opening–we are all just trying to raise nice people.

Share a few favorites. Why do you think these resonate with the hearts and minds of others?


My favorite is the labradorite one. It’s the most powerful stone in the universe. It protects against negative energy and it essentially lets the good in. Super protective. When people say motherhood is nothing like I thought, they need all the strength and perseverance labradorite could give me. I want a labradorite house! Another favorite is the initial necklaces. I like that parents can pick the stone on the back of the neck so it’s unique to them. The stories can be really meaningful…like for a mom who miscarried or she can bring her child’s initial with her if she goes back to work and misses her kid. It serves a purpose in her life.

Mother’s Day is approaching. Why is your jewelry the perfect gift? 

founder and CEO of jewelry brand Tough as a Mother Tribe

My dream was to become a mom. It’s the most beautiful and difficult thing ever. I never appreciate it as much as now. Every day should be mother’s day! You don’t know what you don’t know…I’d just buy my mom a gift. Now that I’m a mom this day is meaningful. It’s the most important day of the calendar of the universe. Everyone came from a mom. My jewelry is the perfect gift because it actually has meaning. Flowers can just die, other stuff just gets ruined and has no special story or meaning. It’s super high quality and will be with you everyday.



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Remember what we used to think parenting would be like, before we had kids? I personally envisioned sitting on a park bench, sipping my extra foamy latte in cute flats, with a trendy diaper bag sitting beside me. I’d watch my kids swirl down bright blue slides, wearing adorable onesies with a matching flower bow. It would be nothing short of a dream, all day, every day.