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"Top of the Lake: China Girl" to Debut on SundanceTV in September

Elisabeth Moss – “Top of the Lake: China Girl” TV Show Panel at TCA Summer Press Tour

By Valerie Milano

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/5/17 – SundanceTV will soon present the highly anticipated limited series “Top of the Lake: China Girl” as a three-night special event starting on Sunday, September 10th and continuing on Monday, September 11th and Tuesday, September 12th  
 at 9p/8c each evening.

Gwendoline Christie – “Top of the Lake: China Girl” TV Show Panel at TCA Summer Press Tour in LA 07/29/2017

“Top of the Lake: China Girl” stars Golden Globe® winner Elisabeth Moss and Academy Award® and Golden Globe® winner Nicole Kidman.  The series was critically acclaimed during its world premiere at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

NICOLE KIDMAN at Top of the Lake: China Girl Panel at TCA Summer Tour in

In “Top of the Lake: China Girl” we see Detective Robin Griffin (Moss) recently returned to Sydney and trying to rebuild a life that includes a daughter given up for adoption at birth.  When the body of an Asian girl washes up on Bondi Beach, there appears to be little hope of finding the killer – until Robin realizes that “China Girl” didn’t die alone.

Alice Englert – ‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’ TV Show Panel at 2017 TCA Summer Press Tour

Robin’s search to discover the identity of “China Girl” will take her into the darkest recesses of Sydney and the secrets of her own heart.  The series is directed by Oscar® winner Jane Campion of New Zealand (SWEETIE,THE PIANOBRIGHT STAR).

Top Of The Lake Julia (NICOLE KIDMAN) – (C) See Saw Productions Australia – Photographer: Sally Bongers

Series mega-stars Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman were present at the TCA’s SundanceTV panel held at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, July 29th, 2017.  Joining them were co-stars Gwendoline Christie and Alice Englert, Jane Campion’s daughter.  Nicole Kidman (Julia) plays the adoptive mother of Alice Englert (Mary), the child Elisabeth Moss (Robin) gave up at birth.

Mary in fact turns out to be connected in certain ways to the very shady characters her birth mother Robin is investigating.  Naturally, this makes for some exciting dramatic tension!
We will not be the ones to lead this study, but some day, someone’s going to prove – with charts and diagrams and science – that all ladystars who know they’ll be doing a promotional tour with Nicole Kidman step up their style game. Every celeb gal knows, if you’re gonna stand next to Miss Nicole, you better come correct.

But Robin’s main problem to solve may concern her role as Mary’s mother.  “The personal always kind of lines up with the political” in this edgy series!

Nicole Kidman was well acquainted with both Alice Englert and mother Jane Campion before accepting the role of Julia in “China Girl”.   The entire group of four actresses formed a gang that all agreed was “formidable”.  “Don’t f— with us!” exclaimed Elisabeth Moss from the stage.
One reporter member astutely pointed out that prostitution, trafficking, and slavery were some of the biggest crises that affect women today and wondered if this series added to the ongoing debate about these issues.  Elisabeth Moss felt that Jane Campion’s “unjudgemental” approach to this sensitive material made it very honest.  Alice Englert agreed that the shades of gray made the series more thought-provoking.
When THT questioned the panelists agreed that 2017 had been a great year for women’s roles and projects.  Elisabeth Moss thought that there was obviously still work to be done and that films like “Wonder Woman” could in fact make money.
Gwendoline Christie stressed that the Internet has connected us and brought us all closer together as human beings, helping to create empathy “where we see the similarities rather than focusing upon the differences”.  Christie was glad that director Jane Campion could challenge her and take her out of her comfort zone in this series with such an intensely vulnerable and emotional character.
Alice Englert and Nicole Kidman also thought it had been exciting to play people who sometimes lost control of situations when they needed to be seen a certain way professionally, making things much more “intimate and human”.  Kidman felt this was the hallmark of a “Campion woman” and perhaps even a “Campion man”: flawed and vulnerable and complex.
“All of these characters in this [series] are in some way familiar to me, you know, and I think that’s what makes it so incredibly relatable.  Even in the sort of darker, stranger world that they are in, you can see people that you know, and I think that’s important to have in any story.  Right?” asked Nicole Kidman.  Perhaps we should see for ourselves when “Top of the Lake: China Girl” launches in September!