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Tonya Banks – Little Women LA star visits the Healthy Hair Bar Salon

Tonya Bank with Rochelle Chappelle
Tonya Bank with Rochelle Chappelle

By: Judy Shields

Monrovia, California (The Hollywood Times) 8/18/2016 – “A friend of my, who happens to be Tonya Bank’s publicist, had been following me for some time and that’s how I got my salon featured on episode 6 of Little Women LA, thanks to Lisa.”  Rochelle Chapelle Owner of Healthy Hair Bar Salon and developer of California Flow hair products told The Hollywood Times at her salon last night in Monrovia.


Celebrity Hair Stylist Rochelle Chappelle owner of Healthy Hair Bar and Wig Salon in Monrovia, California was featured on Lifetime TV episode 6 (Tough as Nails) on Little Women LA which aired last night, August 17th.

Several clients of Rochelle Chappelle and a couple of followers on Facebook showed up for the viewing party with Tonya Banks, who had a meet and greet with all of us. There was one young man dressed in a suit, that his mother brought him, because he is a big fan of the show and especially Tonya’s biggest fan.  They took several pictures together and memory that will last him a lifetime!


We were all treated to a hors d’oeuvres, barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs with wine and sodas and then the viewing party started.

Episode 6: Tonya tries to prove to Kerwin that her ex-boyfriend means nothing to her; Elena is excited as the twins are finally released from the hospital; Tonya tries to get the ladies together to volunteer and build houses for Habitat LA.

Little Women LAIt sure was an entertaining episode with some rekindling of a past friendship between Tonya Banks and Christy Artran and how Terra Jole was not being very nice, I would say jealousy played a hand in this episode.  There was the introduction to Elena Gants’ newborn twin boys.  How adorable they were in their matching, but awesome looking strollers.  A few of the women on the show where participating in Habitat for Humanity, which but Tonya Banks, Christy Artran and Terra Jole in the same place at the same time.

You will have to tune into Lifetime to catch episode 6 and catch up on the beginning of series as well.


Here is a link to get to know the women from Little Women LA
Tonya Banks website is


Facebook: TonyaisLilBoos

Instagram: @1lilboss7

THT's Judy Shields and Tonya Banks
THT’s Judy Shields and Tonya Banks

Twitter: @tonyabanks

The Hollywood Times spoke with Rochelle Chappelle before the night got started:

THT: How did you get started?

Rochelle Chappelle:  I developed this idea, I was in Atlanta and I was raised in the salon industry and I was trying to stay away from it, and knowing all the in’ s and out’s and crazy parts, but I told myself that everyone has their in’s and out’s in the industry and God willed me back in and I, kid you not, the night I was working on this whole vision, my neighbor burnt down the whole building in the middle of the night. This was 2009 and all my research was on my laptop that was lost, I lost everything except my clothes on my back.  So with help from my friends and my Mom, I headed back to California to start a new salon.

THT: When did you open this shop?

Rochelle Chappelle: I signed a least two weeks before Christmas 2015, what a Christmas present and thanks to the insurance check from Georgia.  I wanted a shop in Monrovia because I live here, and my husband and I were looking for a shop for us. My husband is in the drone business, four years aviation, he is an inventor and he has done a lot of design with flying machines. The first place I put a bid on just didn’t sit well with me and I just happen to drive by this place and saw a lease sign on it and I stopped and turned around and it was meant to be for me.

Tonya Banks with her boyfriend Kerwin
Tonya Banks with her boyfriend Kerwin

THT: When did you first get your license?

Rochelle Chappelle: In 1999. I’m actually a barber, I know how to cut men’s hair. I worked in a hair replacement center in Georgia, I’ve worked with everybody other than dead people. My calling is to fix people’s hair and get them out of their dinosaur formulas and get them into new botanical formulas that help their hair and chemical free. The quality of them is a big thing in our research and I have found a wonderful chemical company that is working with me to develop my new line of hair care products for all races from women, men and kids.

It dissolves tangles, dreadlocks and people that were told they have to cut their hair because of knots, it dissolved them so cutting is no necessary. California Flow Hair Softening System (™) which is developed the brand, the packaging and the whole concept. She has vitamin C shampoo and mineral conditioner as her house brand. Her clients get that treatment when they come into her salon. She gives away samples and everyone has told her they love it and it really helped them out.

THT: Do you work on celebrities hair?

Rochelle Chappelle: Yes I do. I work for ABC and ABC news and I get a chance to work on the journalist on 20/20 Good Morning America and some of the celebrities from Dancing with the Stars, I’ve been getting my feet wet.

California Flow Hair product line
California Flow Hair product line

About Little Women:

This reality series follows close-knit friends with big hearts and big personalities, who have a physical trait in common: They are little people. The ladies travel around Los Angeles while dealing with relationships, parenting and careers. As with any friends, they express feelings — from laughing, to crying, to fighting — but lend emotional support to one another. While dealing with everyday challenges, they are out to prove that — just as people say about age — “height” is just a number and being short doesn’t keep them from having normal lives.

First episode date: May 27, 2014

Tonya Banks (1)Network: Lifetime

Genre: Reality television

Language: English

About Rochelle Chappelle

Rochelle Chappelle, owner of Healthy Hair Bar & Wigs Salon, Inc. and creator of California Flow Hair Softening System offers clients seeking healthy styling options. As a beauty and image consultant to the stars plus a healthy hair enthusiast for over 20 years. Rochelle’s mission is to educate her team and women on how to achieve healthy, beautiful, shiny hair using natural ingredients, At the Healthy Bar & Wig Salon Chappelle creates organic hair treatments, custom wigs, extensions, hairpieces, and innovative styling tools.  In 2008 her mother (salon owner/hair stylist) was diagnosed with Multi Myeloma Cancer caused by harsh chemicals that can be found in the salons, she made it a point to create salons environment, using only products that ae safe for the stylist and the client.  Relaxers and chemical products are main contributors of hair breakage, thinning, loss and scalp damage.  This spurred Chappelle to develop and launch her own hair-care line California Flow Hair Softening System™ The line consists of all-natural products that stimulates hair growth and provides nutrition for the scalp.

Chappelle a philanthropist and partnered with local businesses and organizations to donate makeovers, clothing, and job education to disadvantage women and Vets that prepares women for a new life.

“My mission is to ‘Saving One Hair Strand At A Time.’” Rochelle Chappelle