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“Tomorrow and The Butterfly”

“Tomorrow and The Butterfly” is an unconventional documentary about an unconventional company created by award-winning Italian director Alessandro Soetje.  Filmed in six episodes titled LIVING SCULPTURES, FOUNDATIONS, THE POWER OF BEAUTY, BUTTERFLIES, I MUST BE A REBEL, and A SIMPLE SHAMPOO with a short prologue and epilogue, the feature-length film relates eloquent stories about global sustainability, beauty, and diversity in the plant and animal kingdoms through the lens of The Davines Group.

The company began with the brilliant business vision of Davide Bollati that refused to sacrifice sustainability in the pursuit of beauty.  “Working in the world of beauty, you see some things that aren’t so beautiful.”

But sometimes you do!  The Davines Group sponsors projects such as the ones seen in THE POWER OF BEAUTY and I MUST BE A REBEL that seek to empower hairstylists who emerged from almost impossibly difficult life circumstances.

From the standpoint of waste and pollution, however, the Davines Village has been named the LEAST impactful industrial plant in Italy.  This small home business has gradually grown into a respected international entity operating worldwide.

Concerning the film’s title, the butterfly represents Davide’s inability to move forward in a straight line while somehow always staying on track.  In FOUNDATIONS “the butterfly” confesses that his hyper-competent CEO, Paolo Braguzzi, gets the very best from people by being more patient and reasonable than he ever could be.

The holistic perception of the company that encompasses every detail is what Davide still has to offer as its founding father now that The Davines Group has shifted from an entrepreneurial to managerial model.  “To me, the pursuit of happiness is the happiness of pursuit,” declares Davide.  His futuristic focus and life spent largely in transit sometimes seem to lead to perpetual unhappiness–but that is the nature of true progress!

Reminding us that a garden is a paradise, The Davines Group certainly looks like an idyllic place to work!  The Japanese and many other First World observers are absolutely in love with this small village thanks to its big heart, which shows itself in a sense of community and brand ethos that are second to none.  Undoubtedly, The Davines Group will continue to generate interest from the disparate worlds of science, business, social justice, and any number of others.