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Tom Wright artist exhibit

The emerging West Hollywood, CA artist, Tom Wright, exhibited many examples from his catalogue of paintings that were created over his lifetime.  This artist has been attracting a lot of attention lately due to his “think outside of the box” approach to abstract art.

His abstract entitled “The Wolf at the Door” may unlock your fear of the unknown by focusing on the wolf’s menacing image at the door to your world, peeping through the door blinds.  On further evaluation there seems to be a faceless image with an orange hat that makes the viewer question whether or not the wolf is on the inside, and the orange faceless image is looking in! We don’t know, what an eerie and scary feeling; it made our hair stand up!

Tom will often combine many worlds in his paintings and may even incorporate more lines and levels to keep the gallery of people guessing where he’s going with his art, leaving much to the viewer’s interpretation.

Gallery Art Open Tom Wright Artist

West Hollywood

June 16th 2021

Gallery open 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

La Boheme outdoor cafe

8400 Santa Monica blvd