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TITLE Boxing Club Launches On Demand App

Title, Ladder and Meg

By Meg Taylor

Photo Credit: Justin Manz @jmanzphoto


Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 5/16/2019

Fitness giant TITLE Boxing Club hosted a pop-up event May 10 on the La Peer Hotel Rooftop to celebrate the launch of their app, TITLE Boxing Club On Demand.

Ro Malaga and Taylor Merritt

The event kicked off with meeting trainers from TITLE Boxing Club who spoke about the app, a 30-minute shadow boxing workout led by Ro Malaga and Taylor Merritt, post-work smoothies from TITLE’s nutrition partner Ladder, and concluded with one-on-one mitt work sessions.

For the first time, TITLE Boxing Club’s workouts and trainers are accessible anywhere, anytime. The streaming fitness platform has a video library of boxing, kickboxing, strength, agility and recovery workouts available at a tap. For $24.99 a month (or a discounted $239.99 a year), On Demand subscribers, beginners to advanced, obtain unlimited access to TITLE Boxing Club’s complete range of calorie-torching workouts.

Vice President of Marketing for TITLE Boxing, Brooke Budke

“When you get to lose yourself and find yourself in the moment, especially in fitness because you’re all athletic people and you all know how great it is in the fitness space like when you get to the gym, when you do your workout, and when you’re done, how much different you feel. There’s something really changeable about boxing,” said Vice President of Marketing for TITLE Boxing, Brooke Budke.

Ladder is built on three pillars: scientifically-backed information, community interaction with world-class experts, and customized nutrition products that meet the highest standards for safety and purity. Founded by LeBron James, Cindy Crawford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lindsey Vonn, the company made its official launch at the end of 2018. However, the products have been in development for four years. It all started during the 2014 NBA finals due to James’ need and desire to find products that would help him get more out of his workouts.

Title Boxing Gloves and Ladder Drinks

“We designed four core products: plant protein, whey protein, an energy product, and greens. They were designed primarily for Lebron, but then we wanted to make it accessible for everyone else,” said Adam Bornstein, Ladder’s Chief Nutrition Officer. “You can imagine that if Lebron can’t find something that he can trust, both from a safety and effectiveness standpoint, what’s it like for everyone else? It’s a huge problem in the marketplace and we wanted to make sure we met those safety regulations, but we also put things in your body that allow you to get more out of your workout.”

Title Boxing Club Group Class

To learn more about Ladder and purchase their products, head over to


TITLE Boxing Club On Demand is now available on Apple iOS, Android, Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. For more information, visit

(L-R) Ro Malaga, Taylor Merritt and THT’s Meg Taylor