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Titanic: 25 Years Later with James Cameron airs on Feb. 5 at 9/8c

The special will air on Feb. 5 at 9/8c, leading into TITANIC’s remastered theatrical release on Feb. 10. An update of TITANIC: 25 YEARS LATER WITH JAMES CAMERON, the new documentary features the surprising story of how the long-lost ship was found, explores historical questions about how the Titanic sank, and digs into the debate about whether additional lifeboats on board would have saved more lives.

In a new segment, Cameron adds a postscript to his fictional retelling of the tragedy. After hearing fans insist, Jack didn’t have to die that night, he gathers hypothermia experts and mounts tests to determine, once and for all, whether both Jack and Rose could have fit on the raft and survived.

Dr. Jim Cotter checks the core body temperatures of Josh Bird and Kristine Zipfel. (National Geographic/Spencer Stoner)
James Cameron checks in on Josh Bird and Kristine Zipfel, who are exposed to frigid waters to test the impacts of hypothermia. (National Geographic/Spencer Stoner)
Josh Bird and Kristine Zipfel stand in for Jack and Rose as part of a hypothermia experiment. (National Geographic/Spencer Stoner)
James Cameron at The University of Otago, School of Physical Education, Sport & Exercise Science. (National Geographic/Spencer Stoner)