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Tucked away in a somewhat secret hotel in San Diego is the best kept annual event in the local tiki culture.  It is like four days of Hawaiian pool party fun while in the Tiki Bar at Disneyland but with rum and lots of fun dressed people of all ages from everywhere including Australia, Sweden and Japan.

Tiki Oasis is in a modern name hotel which is actually a 1950s landmark Hawaii theme hotel with waterfalls in atriums and tiki gods.

Each year is a new theme. This year is James Bond spy stuff. Fashion for women ranges from cuties in pink nighties, Hawaiian fabrics in every style and pattern, retro bathing suits, moomoos, calfigans, pantsuits plus lots of skirts and dresses. Guys are fun too in Hawaiian shirts and costumes with feis hats even cabana wear with matching shirts and shorts which have a morning parade around the pool.

There are an assortment of diverse vendors where tiki guests can transform themselves into tiki gods and goddesses. There are booths for retro hair updos and makeups, lots of new and vintage jewelry. Vendors display everything to create one’s own tiki bar at home.

The pool party is a liberating splash of fun swimmers with pool toys and water squirters. A pool side dj spins intoxicating lounge music by Arthur Lyman and more. Everybody is talking and laughing. It is like a reunion of Tiki High School for a long weekend where guest balconies are decorated with Chinese lanterns, lights and shimmy shiny tassles. New friendships spark up so quickly. Facebook friends get to finally meet.

There is a Tiki Tot land for the young tiki kids. There is a car show with food trucks. There is a shortage of parking but ample frequent shuttle service to all the hotels. The compliments of people’s outfits fill the air. It is a lovefest fully dressed and sometimes very revealing.

The big event magazine is filled with the daily schedules, bands, events and activities. There is so much going on. Check out the tiki world. You might never be the same after a weekend like this.