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Tiki Oasis San Diego turns 20

Tiki Oasis went all out in July 2021 with this major takeover at the newly refurbished Town and Country Resort Hotel in Mission Valley on Hotel Circle which just had a multi million dollars remodel. The keepsake 118 pages program and schedule features the roadmap for 5 days of seminars, events, music, midnight burlesque and more. Featured in the slick cover 8×10 brochure is over 67 ads from the sponsors, tiki bars, other upcoming events and the vendors. This is a jam packed encyclopedia of the Tiki world by Rob Roy with illustrations by Derek Yangier. Many of the vendors appreciated being in one big modern hall. To be expected there was nostaglia for the coziness and memories of the longtime former event site down the street at the Crowne Plaza aka Hanalei Hotel which featured vendors outdoors as well in ground floor hotel suites plus the ballroom.The 2019 Tiki Oasis had the crowd favorite balcony of ALOHA backwards ‘AHOLA’ . This misspelling gave way to many media posts stating ‘he had one job…’!

The Town and Country’s majestic Royal Palm Tower with its ten-stories was like Christmas at night with many of its balconies with lights and decorations. Many rum sponsored suite parties were held by different groups like Ladies Who Tiki and more.

There is something here for almost all ages. The public is invited free to the weekend Tiki vendor marketplace over over 100 plus vendors in the convention center. The basic, standard and deluxe wristbands have different price levels starting with the basic at $135 for the 5 days events as it is necessary for access to the after 4pm access. Parking was limited at $10 per day. Hotel guests did have in/out privileges There was security at all key points to enforce entry to those with wristbands only.

Once inside the attendees had advanced entry to the marketplace on Friday, various daytime and evening events. Tiki Oasis took over all 600 rooms in 3 major towers plus the original two story bungalows which many of them have fire pits. Fair warning that staying here one must be not opposed to noise and music till late at night. Inside the elevators was posted signs for suite parties. 

The giant pool which is encircled two rows deep with deck lounge chairs is the place to be seen and frolic plus enjoy the various planned group parades aftet their group photo pics. Tiki Oasis is a Baby Doe & Otto Production. Baby Doe is a Tiki fashionista making several fashion changes to suit the featured event whether it is the huge Aloha Caftan Society group or the Animal print group photo by the huge King Kong by the Pacific Ballroom. The event is a big labor of love and dedication by a small crew of paid staff and various returning volunteers which includes go go dancers who perform on various music stages for a limit of three songs. 

The music and mayhem of the event features music groups from far and wide like Alvino & the Dwells, Jason Hanna & the Swinging Bananas, Jimmy Psycho, Kid Ramos & Johnny Ramos, Los Pakalolos, MeduSirena-the Fire Eating Mermaid, Motu Nehenehe Poloynesian Dancers, Par Avion, Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine, The Amalgamated, The Hypnotiques, The Blue Hawaiians, The Martini Kings, The Nashville Ramblers, The Red Fox Tails, The Rosalyns, The Satin Dolls, The Smokin’Menehunes, The Sound Reasons, The Tourmaliners, Thee Swank Bastards, TikiTronic, Tikiyaki Orchestra, Ukelele Hiro, Ursula 100 and King Kukulele.

The Tiki Oasis disc jockeys were Becky Ebenkamo, Brother Cleve, CK Smart, Dj Nuria, DJ Xerox, Domenic Priore, Eric Musick, Hi-Tone, Howie Pyro, Lee Joseph, Lili Bird and Lono Cafe, Mike & Anja Stax, Nick Feratu, Paul Cinnamon, Sheena’s Jungle Room, Rubberband Girl, Senor Amo, Shanty Tramp  and Tony the Tyger.

Seminars were by many of the performers as well as artists like Atalanta Jackson for Tropical Flower Arrangements, Esquival, Babes, Bars, Beaches & Black Velvet Art, Disneyland:King Kukulele’s Keys to the Kingdom, The Glamourous Age Of Travel Style, Tropirobics with MeduSirena, History of Filipino Bartenders, Tropical Tastings, The Aloha Coat, Frame Your Swizzles, Tiki Femme: Badass Women of Tiki, Amaro au Tropical, Hangover Stretch It Out with El Vez, Ukulele Strum and Sing, Trader Vic’s World of Tiki, The Jungle Cruise, From Swing to The Shag! Miserlou-How the Music of Greek Criminals in Turkey Created Surf Music, Mocktails and Garnishes, Hula Dance, The World of Alfred Shaheen, Tribute to Harry Yee, Book Club – “Moloka’i” by Alan Brennert, Tiny Tot Tour on Sunday morning with talking Tikis everywhere with King Kukulele, Californialand with Charles Phoenix, Pajamas and Conversations brunch with El Vez, Hawaiian & Maori Cultures in Film, Art of Vic Bergeron by his daughter Eve plus the cream of resistance on Sunday with the 7th annual Bartender Battle.

The performing beauties of the night were the burlesque dancers  with MCs IFNWhendy and Scott Levkoff introducing Amber Ray, Blaze, Bunny Pistol, Cabernet Dance Company, Di’Lovely, Egypy Blaque Knyle, Holly Dai, Jessabelle Thunder, Jolie Goodnight, Layna D’Luna, Lola Demure, Moxie Gold, Phoenix A’Blaze, Ruby Champagne, Ruby Joule, Something Blue, Tana and the Tattooed Lady. It was standing room only behind the few rows upfront. 

Some travel light to survive the Tiki Oasis experience like bartender and motorcyclist Joe from the Recess Room bar in Fountain Valley in Orange County who had his tightly rolled 10 tiki shirts in his backpacked for the coastal motorcycle drive to San Diego. Many others packed a whole bellhop cart of cases, hats, bags, decorations, etc for the total revolving fashion changing opportunties throught Tiki Oasis. Guests flew in from all over including the UK and Norway! 

Start now to get involved by learning more at TikiOasis.com. Support your local Tiki bars, vendors, artists, bands, dancers, etc as we all celebrate surviving a crazy 19 months and the pandemic pause. Life goes on. Aloha!