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by Kevin Dranoff

New Jersey (The Hollywood Times) 2/27/22 Pop rapper Tyga enlists super duper pop star Doja Cat as a feature to rev up his youtube channel yet again.  Tyga boasts over 10 million subscribers on youtube and I expect this track to get a lot of traction with views.  Doja Cat is on a tear with constant drops of content.  I haven’t heard Tyga make any noise like this in a while.  The music video is very futuristic and trippy visually which is a forte for Doja Cat.  French Montana recently featured her on his album which seems to be what these falling stars do when they run out of gas.  Lady Gaga doing movies, Adele not being a constant, and Rihanna being pregnant, leaves so much room for Doja Cat to continue to shine.  I’m not necessarily saying that I will be replaying this or rewatching it but I’m saying that Doja Cat has the most firepower for a pop star at the moment.  She remains scandal free unlike Megan The Stallion who is under pressure with the Tory Lanez situation.  Check out the link to the music video below.

Tyga, Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky (Official Video)


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