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THT Reviews New Horror Comedy

By: T. Felder 

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/12/22 – Who would have thought it is tough being a vampire? Well, Craig Railsback’s new horror comedy Down and Out in Vampire Hills shows us that there is a downside to being a beautiful immortal bloodsucker.

In the film, vampire Penelope (Dawna Lee Heising) and her familiar Harold (Ken May) are homeless. They need employment to survive and return to the good life. However, once they put themselves out there, they soon realize being in the workforce is not easy. Taking on odd jobs, these two find themselves in the most insane situations. Vampire queen Penelope tries her hand at dog sitting and car washing, ending in disaster due to her static nature to turn unsuspected victims into the walking dead. She is also being hunted down by a vampire slayer (Bill Houskeeper). Harold is the backbone for the two, consistently consoling Penelope and devising a game plan. Although they are considered at the top of the food chain, the question is, can they survive in the 21st century?

This 20-minute short film’s original soundtrack was composed by Dr. Renah Wolzinger and is up for Grammy consideration.

Dawna Darkness

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Dawna Lee Heising, Ken May, LeJon, Deborah Dutch, Bill Housekeeper, Dr. Heather Joseph-Witham, Vito Trabucco.


Director Craig Railsback, production Sean Glumace, Dr. Heather Joseph-Witham, and Joe Williamson, writer Dr. Heather Joseph-Witham, cinematography Craig Railsback and Vito Trabucco and editing Dr. Renah Wolzinger.