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 THT Interviews Rising Talent Linda Dorsett

By: T. Felder

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 10/8/22 – Linda Dorsett is a 10-year-old actress that got her start doing commercials. Dorsett starred in her first film last year entitled Birds, Bees, and Threes; in which she plays a triplet named Heather Hudson whose parents must find a way to have “the sex talk” with their young daughters. Earlier this year she was casts in the phycological thriller The Ringmaster. Her character Alma is the younger version of lead actress Katherine Rodriguez. The film is centered around Alma escaping her disturbing family life but ends up becoming encapsulated into a sinister nightmare.

Last month at the 14th Annual Burbank International Film Festival THT had the opportunity to meet Dorsett at which time she told us that this was her first year in attendance. We were enamored with how poised she was during the event, so it was only right that we extend the offer for an interview. Read below to find out what Linda had to say.

THT: Why did you want to become an actress?

LD: Well, I absolutely love performing and honestly, I always wanted to be famous.

THT: What was it like acting in your first film?

LD:  It was amazing! Of course, I was a bit nervous, but I felt very supported by the other cast members.

THT: Can you tell us a little about your roles in Birds, Bees, and Threes and The Ringmaster?

LD: In BBT I played a triplet named Heather whose parents have to find a way to have “the talk” with their three young triplet daughters (Laughs). It was a cute fun story that I really enjoyed being a part of.

As for the ringmaster, it was very different from anything I was used to playing in being as though it was a thriller movie. I played Young Alma, which is the younger version of the main character Alma played by my costar Kathrine Rodriguez. Everyone was so supportive on set, which led to me having a great experience. It was kind of creepy, but I look forward to doing more.

THT: Who is your greatest inspiration?

LD: I would have to say that my greatest inspiration would have to be my parents because they’ve always supported my dreams and pushed me to do my very best. My mom has been there every step of the way, I wouldn’t be doing any of this without her help and guidance. I wouldn’t want it other way!

THT: What is your favorite extracurricular activity?

LD: I’ve done Ballet, Karate, and Dance. I received my purple belt in Kajukenbo and have become a regular at my local Karate gym. I also really have a passion for Ballet and recently have found myself enjoying my Hip Hop dance classes.

THT: What advice would you give other child actors?

LD: I would say stay true to yourself and do what you love. It’s really about loving what you do every day.

THT: How can our viewers find you?

LD: Well, I’m on Instagram and TikTok linda.dorsett1