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ThriverCon: 1st INTENTIONALLY DIVERSE virtual summit for BIPOC, womxn and non-binary entrepreneurs and allies. 

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 09/22/2020-  Join ThriverCon September 22 and 23rd Founder Marian Bacol-Uba spoke to the Hollywood Times about this great event.


You are a Powerhouse creating impact for womxn & non-binary individuals. Share your background. 

I am a Filipina immigrant who moved to Los Angeles when I was five years old. Growing up, I didn’t see many people who looked like me on TV and in other forms of media. Fast forward to my adult life and although there has been some improvement in representation, we are still a long way to go. When I first ventured into entrepreneurship, I felt so alone. It was an uphill battle because resources weren’t so easy to find. If you take a look at the entrepreneurship space, whether its startups, online marketing, coaching, speaking, etc. there is still a lack of women/womxn leaders and diversity amongst the people who are in that space. I wanted to change that so other folks from BIPOC communities and the underrepresented group saw the possibilities and opportunities for themselves when they see others who look like them achieve success.


My professional background is in marketing. I have 15+ years of marketing and event planning experience. I followed the path I was told to follow and moved up the corporate ladder. At the age of 27, I was a Marketing Director for a national grocery retailer but found myself so unhappy and lacked purpose. I knew that I wasn’t meant for corporate so I decided to venture off on my own. I started a marketing and PR company in Los Angeles that specialized in working with the hospitality industry and chefs. In 2014, I moved to Miami and co-founded a digital marketing agency. In 2017, I decided that I wanted to change my business model to something that gave me more freedom and had more purpose. I always loved amplifying underrepresented voices and believed that sharing untold stories was so powerful! I launched my business coaching and events company, Thriver Lifestyle. Now, I focus on helping mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world (especially womxn & non-binary) create more impact, influence and income through sharing their stories and speaking.

Tell us about ThriverCon. 


ThriverCon is intentionally diverse. I believe that diversity, inclusion, equity, and activism through entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Our different experiences, perspectives, and stories hold so much power to inspire and active people into making changes in their lives and businesses.

As a speaker and entrepreneur, I noticed that the entrepreneurship conferences I went to were not intentionally diverse. Diversity was usually an afterthought. 1-2 people of color were added to the speaker’s list to make it “more diverse”.


ThriverCon is different. Diversity is foundational because I want to give a platform for BIPOC, women, and non-binary of color to share their messages. We have 18 speakers who are Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, Queer, and Non-binary, all experts in their industries. We have sessions on soulful sales, TikTok and Instagram marketing, video content creation, monetization/money, decolonization in business, etc. We also have meditations, breathwork, somatic movements, and more!


What excites you about this event? 

Everything! There’s nothing out there like it! I love the intentionality behind it and the holistic approach we have towards entrepreneurship. We are amplifying much needed voices and telling stories that are making our ancestors so proud!

We have speakers such as Berna Anat, aka the financial hypewoman, who will speak on decolonizing finances. Dr. Kiona, Ph.D., M.S., M.A., is an award-winning content creator and on our panel for “Diversity, Inclusion & Activism through Entrepreneurship.” Julia Miller-Vasquez is giving a talk on decolonizing business through creative and ethical solutions. We have so many more amazing speakers sharing their experience and expertise on soulful sales, IG & TikTok marketing, content creation, building multiple streams of income, contracts & IP and so much more!

What makes ThriverCon different? 

Indigenous, 18 Black, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Asian, Non-Binary & Queer speakers and experts who will be sharing their stories, knowledge, and value about entrepreneurship, marketing, making money/creating generational wealth, soulful selling, content creation and so much more!⁣⁣ ⁣

  • It’s intentionally diverse and celebrates diversity, inclusion, and equity⁣⁣.
  • Speakers are PAID⁣! (Most virtual summits do not pay their speakers)⁣⁣
  • Donations will be made to AnnieCannons our beneficiary charity partner that trains and teaches human trafficking and gender-based violence survivors to be software engineers and entrepreneurs.
  • Scholarships will be awarded to emerging BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Tell us about the Thriver-Lifestyle Podcast and Thriver TV. 

I love creating different types of content from podcasts to videos that amplify underrepresented voices but also educational content. I love teaching what I have learned to others! Both the Thriver Lifestyle Podcast and Thriver TV do that. I’m relaunching Thriver TV soon with all new content!

As you may have noticed, I love the word “Thriver”. It’s a special word to me because it encompasses our power and ability to choose to thrive. It came from my own personal and professional journey transforming from a Victim and Survivor (childhood sexual abuse/incest, drug & alcohol abuse, and addictions) into a Thriver. Taking all the things from my past and changing my story so that it doesn’t define me. I believe that we all have that ability and it’s my purpose to give others the tools and resources to thrive in life and in business. Through the power of community and collaboration, we can absolutely make a difference in the lives of individual people and our world.

My TEDx talk shares that story from my near-death experience to the life and business I have created now –