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“Three Wishes” Cereal is Flying off the Shelves at Erewhon – Celeb Filled Grocery Store in LA!

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/25/20 – Three Wishes is a healthy and delicious breakfast cereal that does not sacrifice taste. Founders, Ian and Margaret Wishingard, always loved cereal but could never find one that provided any nutritional value. Inspired by the flavors from their childhood, Honey, Unsweetened, and Cinnamon, and their determination to find something tasty and healthy for their child Ellis, founders upgraded the typical breakfast cereal by only including premium and clean ingredients.


When did your love for cereal begin? 

We always loved cereal, it’s just cereal was not healthy. Once we had our son Ellis, we started to look at food in much greater detail and realized there was an opportunity to make a much healthier version of breakfast cereal. 


Tell us about Three Wishes. Let’s begin with the name first. It’s called Three Wishes because our last name is Wishengrad and right now there are three of us. It also has to do with the product, where our Three Wishes are more protein and less sugar and no grains. 

Why is Three Wishes so popular at LA’s most-influential Organic Grocer and Cafe, Erwhon? 

There are no cereals on the market with an ingredient panel as clean as ours and taste as delicious too. We’ve created something very unique, and naturally, the most influential grocers have latched on. 


What are people saying about your cereal that makes you smile?

I’m addicted.


Is Three Wishes good for an after-school snack? Are people making homemade treats from Three Wishes? 

So many people love eating Three Wishes dry, that makes us so happy. We’ve seen so many creative recipes, but we just stick our hands in the box.


What do you want people to know about you as a brand? 

Made by a family for your family

Where can we find Three Wishes? 

Erewhon, Whole Foods, Sprout’s, Wegman’s 

Instagram: @ThreeWishes