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TheHollywoodTimes.Today Ambassadors for Voices of Hope

On Friday, June 5 th at 7pm, DAP will premiere its first livestreamed event on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, bringing people together around a message of hope and community. As you know, VOICES OF HOPE – Together, We Thrive! will stream for free but we encourage registration and
are grateful for everyone’s thoughtful donations.

How can you help make this a night to remember? We’re glad you asked.

Before the Show
 Register to view at http://desertaidsproject.org/HOPE
 Save the date in your calendar: June 5 th , 7pm PST
(Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder)
 Email the registration link to your friends, all across the country!


 Share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by choosing any of the posts we have created on Facebook.com/DAPCommunity or the “VOICES OF HOPE – Together, We Thrive” Facebook Event page. If you prefer, you may share the photos and video below to your timelines, update your Facebook Cover, or add a Facebook or Instagram story.

 http://facebook.com/dapcommunity
 http://YouTube.com/desertaids
 http://twitter.com/desertaids
 http://desertaidsproject.org/hope