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THE RISE OF VERO G: Talented Singer/Songwriter & TV/Radio Host

By Jim Gilles

Vero G. TV Radio Show streaming live

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/16/21 – Introducing to the readers here a talented singer/songwriter from New York City – Vero G., more formally known as Veronica Gonzalez, who has a unique sound in her music but also a powerful message about pursuing one’s dream and also caring for others in the community. A 34-year-old Latina, born and raised in the Lower East Side, Vero G. began singing at the age of 7 and later joined The Change Choir sponsored by Al Sharpton. She has used music as a way to explore her own feelings and overcome trials in her life. Her genre of music is R&B with a mix of Soul and a spoken word where it fits. Vero G. has recorded four albums of her own songs and just released her latest – “Here I Am. Her recordings are available through JM Empire Music. Check out one of her recent songs “Don’t Cry” with its accompanying video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3bzZqGCLBE.

Vero G. – recognized at Latino Music Awards ceremony in New York

Her third album was entitled “Victory!” and represents Vero G.’s personal sense of victory over tribulations in her own life and career. Having grown up in the Bronx, Vero G. knows that many young women go through with their families and relationships with men. One of her larger concerns is domestic violence, which she herself previously experienced in a relationship. She had experienced hardship, rejection, and even homelessness. She believes in fighting to fulfill one’s dreams and goals in life and believes in oneself despite the negativity of others. Listening to the lyrics of some of her songs, one realizes that looking out for one’s neighbor and caring about a community are part of the solution. When I asked her about how she learned this, she told me that her father was like that when he was alive. He always found a way to give to others in need – and that meant also having an empathetic heart for the plight of others.

Cover of Vero G.’s album I Am Here

Many of Vero G.’s songs show her vocal range, but also her belief in meaningful lyrics with a message. She revealed this this comes from her interest in poetry, and she has been writing and publishing poetry for quite a few years. She sees her music as an extension of her poetry. And it is not only poetry that Vero G. writes fiction and screenplays – an example being School in Session, for a filmed web series. Of note is her recent autobiographical account Trials & Tribulations: An Autobiography of Vero G., first published in 2018 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing. The book has received favorable reviews and ranked high in Amazon’s Best Sellers of Poetry by Women. Check out “Unknown Track” from School in Session: https://btstradiotv.wixsite.com/verog/product-page/vero-g-school-in-session 

Vero G. posing being a performance artist & singer

Recently she has collaborated with Hip Hop Legend Cuban Link CLK in “Come With Me/Vente Conmigo” – in which her vocal skills are so evident. One thing I learned is that Vero G. is well with the local music and artistic communities in her native New York City. This may represent a new direction in her music, but she is definitely worth following. For Vero G.’s music website, go to: https://btstradiotv.wixsite.com/verog. 

Currently, Vero G. hosts the weekly “Vero G. Spotlight TV show” which is now finishing up its 3rd year as well as the “Vero G. Spotlight Radio Show” which recently celebrated its one-year anniversary at DFT Radio. The Radio Show is live every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm, EST. It can be accessed on the West coast through the podcast for the Vero G. Spotlight Network at DFT Radio: https://www.youtube.com/user/vero2884/videos/

Vero G. with Cuban Link CLK performing Come With Me Vente Conmigo

This two-hour radio show streams live and features a range of artistic talents, including singers, musicians, actors, artists, designers, poets, community organizers, and influencers. As the host of the show, Vero G. is a warm and engaging presence who easily connects to people and knows how to bring out even more timid artists to talk about themselves and their work. To learn to podcast and learn more about the Vero G. Spotlight Network, go to DFT Radio: https://www.youtube.com/user/vero2884/videos/

Veronica Gonzalez – Autobiography

I was originally introduced to this network of connections through Vero G.’s monthly publication Vero G. Spotlight Magazine, which is available in print and digitally at https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2125783. The monthly issues feature exclusive interviews and articles by various contributors to the magazine. The magazine was created to inspire others through their community work and inspirational stories, as well as to showcase talent world-wide. The December 2021 issue features interviews with performinartists Eimaj and RapStarr, as well as more about Vero G.’s EP Album Here I Am.

Vero G. believes in giving back to the community

I understand that the upcoming February issue of Vero G. Spotlight Magazine will feature an interview with Derek Webb, an actor, along with someone horror film fans may recognize from Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher film Scream – namely, Nancy Ann Ridder, who was in the cast as a teenage girl screaming in the bathroom. I am not quite sure why Webb wanted to include Nancy Ridder in his interview or to share the planned magazine cover, but I guess there is a common project in the works and we will find out very soon.

Vero G. Spotlight Magazine – an impressive publication

The Vero G. Spotlight TV Show is a platform for all independent artists to shine. It currently airs in New York City in Manhattan, every Friday at 5:30pm on Channel: Spectrum 56 & 1996, Verizon Fios 34, RCN 83, Channel 2 Lifestyle. It airs in Brooklyn, every Friday night at 12:30am, on Channel: Optimum 951, Verizon Fios 47, Spectrum 1993, with Live streaming at Bricartsmedia.org/HD. Available in the Bronx, every Saturday, late night at 1:30 am, Channel: Optimum 68, Verizon Fios 34. If you live in Los Angeles or elsewhere, you can access the Vero G. Spotlight TV Show at Bricartsmedia.org/HD, but note the time difference between New York City (Brooklyn) and L.A. – but the podcasts at DFT Radio are perhaps more convenient.