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The Rise of Esperanto: The Fate Of Mankind Rests On One Man’s Enlightenment

Doctor Zamenhof, creator of Esperanto

New York, NY, December 7, 2018 — In the year 2361, the world’s political structure teeters on the edge of disaster as tensions intensify between countries and continents. Vespacia’s military and business communities join forces, plotting to gain control of Esperanto in the face of its astonishing growth. Despite continued insistence to the contrary, world domination seems to be Vespacia’s ultimate goal.

Such is the world imagined by author Eliade Moldovan in his fantasy, The Rise of Esperanto, a thrilling work of science fiction that dives deep into the cultural conflicts of futuristic, dystopian societies.


Amid the turmoil is Ovi, a simple and open-minded priest who opposes the escalating violence. Struggling with the meaning and evolution of understanding God and His means, Ovi finds himself at the head of a new religious faction, one that disagrees with hard-core believers in the Old Testament’s teachings. With his newfound status as leader of this prominent religious faction, Ovi is in a unique position to prevent the Vespacians from achieving world domination, even as he further questions the existence of God.

As the conflict between Vespacia and Esperanto spreads and becomes increasingly violent, Ovi works to find a lasting resolution, but will it come too late? In the midst of the madness of the widening war between Esperanto and Vespacia, the world’s fate lies in the hands of one very ordinary man and a benevolent alien god.


Born in Romania under the oppressive communism regime, author Eliade Moldovan had a dream that one day he would join the free world. He emigrated to Canada in 1993, and today, he lives in the Greater Toronto area with his wife. They enjoy vacations and have traveled around the world, exploring nature and undertaking the occasional adventurous trips. In Toronto, they enjoy their ballroom dancing weekends and look forward to babysitting their lovely grandson. Moldovan is also the author of The World Ends Tomorrow.