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The Relative Popularity of Genres Around the World

Chart_ActionProducers frequently wonder what their film or project is worth in key territories. While we can’t tell you real value, we can help you with the “relative” value by looking at how major genres perform around the world, relative to their global average.

We studied the territorial breakdown of theatrical box office grosses for 3,368 films. This covered most films released since the beginning of 2015. We then developed a formula for assessing the relative strength or weakness of each genre within each territory when compared to that genre’s global performance.

The results?  Well, it depends on the territory. See our full analysis of six key genres across 11 top territories at AmericanFilmMarket.com/relative-popularity-genres-around-world/.


About Stephen Follows: Stephen is a writer, producer and film industry analyst. His research has been featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail and IndieWire. In addition to film analytics, Stephen is an award-winning writer-producer and runs a production company based in Ealing Studios, London.

About Bruce Nash: Bruce is founder and President of Nash Information Services, LLC, the provider of movie industry data and research services and operator of The Numbers , a web site that provides box office and video sales tracking, and daily industry news. Mr. Nash provides regular commentary and analysis for media outlets, including the New York Times, Variety, the Wall Street Journal and CBS News.

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