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The Power of Numbers book by Jesse Kalsi

Reviewed: by Elizabeth Carbe’

Santa Clarita, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/22/18 – The Power of Home Numbers is an interesting and engaging read for the well-seasoned numerologist, novice or skeptic.

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Jesse Kalsi combines his unique approach to numerology along with astrology and his innate intuitive ability. In The Power of Home Numbers, he outlines many different stories of people whose lives were changed for the better by implementing his suggestions for changes to their home numbers (home addresses).

This book is a fascinating look into the real effect your personal numbers have on your life’s path. Whereas many numerologists deal with your name and birthdate, Mr. Kalsi makes an argument for how important one’s home address is and how it can affect us on a daily basis.


This could have been a book of theories and possibilities; rather, Mr. Kalsi gives numerous examples of people that he helped and their stories.

Jesse Kalsi is a Sikh born in India to a very traditional family. He served in the Indian army, which is a very sought-after and prestigious career. His parents assumed that this would career would be his life, staying in India and raising a family in the traditions of his ancestors.  This however, was not to be Jesse Kalsi’s destiny. One day as Mr. Kalsi was on duty, he heard a inner voice that said, “Who are you, to kill human beings? Who are you?  You have no business doing what you are doing”.

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Mr. Kalsi was already drawn to numerology and a more enlightened way of being, so it was not such a surprise that he would receive this message. Within a short time he had quite his job in the army and found himself moving to America. He went through a variety of jobs but his love and understanding of numbers was never far. When he would find himself in a job or life circumstance that wasn’t working, he would be reminded that he was not following his own wisdom of numbers.  Each time he returned to what he knew, his life would once again flourish.

A look into the concept of Number Patching in Numerology.

As serendipity would have it, Mr. Kalsi eventually started working in real estate. This was the perfect business to combine with his gift and love of numerology. The more people he worked with, the more his name was past around and he quickly started consulting with many different individuals on the issues they were having in life.


In the book, after giving a brief history of his early life, how he became interested in numerology, and how that interest eventually brought him to the US, he proceeds to explain how it works.   Mr. Kalsi relates that all primary numbers represent and hold the energy of a particular star or planet.

He gives a brief explanation of this phenomena so that the reader has an rudimentary understanding of how it all works before moving into the main chapters.  Each chapter explains in depth about a single number and the related planet. He explains how a number is related to its particular planet and the energy that creates. It is not only the individual number but how the numbers line up and relate to one another that is important.


A brief explanation is given at the top of each chapter before Mr. Kalsi engages the reader with the stories of his clients and their challenges. He shows how the problem is related to a number in their address or how their personal numbers are not in alignment with their home numbers.

For the client that can’t or doesn’t want to move he suggests adding a number to the address. This number is added to their street address and acts as a way to change the existing energy that is created by the current address.


The client stories are very compelling and help to engage the reader. The book clearly draws a line between whatever issues the person is going through and how the numbers are creating this situation.  In each story, after the changes are made that have been recommended by Mr. Kalsi, the client’s life situation improves and they are able to move forward.

One of the personal stories Mr. Kalsi shares in his book is an example of the number 1 which represents the Sun. His client Nina lived in a beautiful house with the street address of 10. She was having financial difficulties and wasn’t sure how to improve her situation. After Mr. Kalsi looked at her basic numerology, he suggested patching in a number 4 to her street address, making it 104. Shortly after this,  her business picked up and her financial situation improved dramatically.

For those who are already interested in numerology this book will add to more understanding of how it works. For those who are new to or don’t believe in numerology,  this book may shake up your beliefs and challenge you to look deeper into this intriguing practice.