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The Palm Springs Portrait Project

Environmental Portraits

Anthony-Masterson Photography

Melissa Morgan Fine Art

By Jimmy Steinfeldt

Palm Desert, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/8/22 – I attended an amazing photography exhibit at Melissa Morgan Fine Art on Friday night. It featured the photography of Anthony-Masterson (Owen Masterson and Christine Anthony.) They are the husband-and-wife team who create incredible photographs and also have a history as award winning documentary filmmakers.

Their goal with the Palm Springs Portrait Project has been to create formal environmental portraits. Portraits that reflect the diverse people of this desert community. The subjects dress up and are photographed in their home surroundings. This photography project by Anthony-Masterson is masterful.

Jimmy Steinfeldt: The genesis of this project?

Christine Anthony: When we arrived in Palm Springs in summer of 2019 we were introduced to a colorful group of people with fabulous homes. Our interests lean towards the anthropological and we decided to document this community.

JS: What was the next step?

Owen Masterson: Getting into people’s homes. This is the kind of community that is proud and open. The invites were fast and furious. People like being photographed.

CA: It’s a really supportive community. If you say “hey I’m working on something” then people who are working on something else may want to collaborate.

JS: Several of my friends are in your exhibit. Ron Mesh, Alison Martino, Michael Childers.

CA: We find it’s a small world and there is only one degree of separation.

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