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The Morsel Spork Proves Itself Insanely Useful

By Audrey Rock

San Pedro, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/28/19 – 4 years ago, the inventors of the Morsel Spork first met.  Zac and Alex shared a love of all things outdoors, and their talk often veered towards how they could develop products designed to make backpacking, camping, climbing, and other outdoor adventures just a little bit easier—maybe even a little more comfortable.


The Morsel Spork was born. The Portland, Oregon based company now seeks to further expand the brand with other useful accessories.  But they’ve got a great start with the Morsel spork, a full sized fork with a rubbery edge, long handle, functional shape, and scrape-worthy spoon.

While the product initially appears a bit over-designed, it turns out that for outdoor activities, it’s particularly useful and lightweight. Its durability definitely lends itself to rugged pursuits and repeated distress. Easy to clean, easy to handle and easy to use, it’s adaptability makes me also think it’s a great little go-with-you-anywhere toddler spoon, for anything from banging pots to scraping baby food.


I imagine putting one in your car for handy use, one in your purse for on-the-go lunches, one in your backpack, one in your desk. Wherever you go, you can definitely find a use for a Morselspork.

Its bright primary colors are also particularly appealing. Choose from the Morselspork XL in blue, the backpacking utensil of your dreams; the Morselspork Mini in red, for camping, travel, or just a handy lunch utensil; the MorselXL Spoon in green, a long-handled backpacking spoon; and sets of two.

They’re affordable, durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and versatile. So there’s really no downside to this innovative little product. Your only real problem, is which color to pack along with you.