Home Exclusive The Mister Roger's Neighborhood 50th Anniversary Celebration!

The Mister Roger's Neighborhood 50th Anniversary Celebration!

The Mister Roger’s Neighborhood 50th Anniversary Celebration!

The Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 50th anniversary celebration will continue with a very special Twitch marathon of the iconic series from The Fred Rogers Company beginning on Tuesday, March 20th – Fred Rogers’ 90th birthday – at 10 am PT. Twitch is teaming up with PBS to air 90 of the most popular episodes on Twitch.tv/misterrogers, followed by a complete run of the show’s 856 episodes!

Mister Rogers

With an uncanny ability to travel through time, Futuremangaming will emcee the entire run, dropping in at various times to provide words of wisdom straight from the future as the audience journeys from black and white to color.

Anyone may also co-stream the show from their own neighborhoods by setting their game to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and capturing the stream on Twitch.tv/misterrogers.

Co-streaming is a feature unique to Twitch that allows a creator to share another channel’s video feed, but with their own commentary and community, resulting in a more personalized, social experience.

Its You I Like Francois Clemmons Pool 2 (Photo Credit The Fred Rogers Company)

Twitch is running the top 90 episodes from 3/20-3/22 and then switching over to all episodes on 3/22 to early in the morning 4/8. The marathon will run 24 hours, round the clock, until the very end.

The marathon is free to watch for everyone

Here are some popular creators who will be co-streaming the marathon:


MRN fish episode image

MR-Chef Brockett-Julia Child 1 (Photo Credit The Fred Rogers Company)